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Ten men from Emmen let AZ escape after an insane VAR minute

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AZ has had to make an effort to keep three points from the home game with FC Emmen. Within one minute, the guests seemed to score twice, but the VAR threw a spanner in the works: 1-0.

The match had an ideal start for the men of trainer Arne Slot. Bruno Martins Indi fumbled the ball from close range over the line after a corner kick and gave AZ an early lead with his first goal in seven (!) Years. The Alkmaarders then were not satisfied with that one goal. AZ clearly hoped to quickly get a wide margin to be able to work calmly towards Thursday’s Europa League match against Real Sociedad.

Jesper Karlsson could have done his team a great service in that regard. Shortly after the opening goal, he only showed up for Emmen keeper Felix Wiedwald, but he did not have his sights on it. Subsequently, a first half developed in which AZ was the much better party, but could not express that further in the score.

FC Emmen, which kept hoping for a stunt due to the minimal margin, tried to play a little further ahead in the second half. With an hour on the clock, however, the assignment became particularly difficult for the team of trainer Dick Lukkien: Lucas Bernadou was presented with a red card after he stood on the foot of AZ-back Jonas Svensson. The VAR found the violation serious enough and referee Nagtegaal agreed after viewing the images.

Yet the victory was still far from within for AZ. In fact, it was Emmen who could have scored twice within one minute. First, a header by Miguel Araujo was knocked out of the goal mouth by Teun Koopmeiners, whereby it was not clear from the images whether the captain of the Alkmaarders removed the ball in front of or behind the line. Subsequently, a handsome goal by Michael de Leeuw was rejected for offside.

Slot’s formation even had to reverse in the last minutes, but managed to keep the ten men of Emmen away and drag the three points out of the fire. AZ is now number seven in the rankings. The gap at number six Heerenveen is three points, while the North Hollanders also have a match credit. Emmen is and will remain seventeenth.

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