Ewa Farna has had a coronavirus. She communicated it on Instagram in an unusual way

Ewa Farna she had coronawirusa. She shared the information about the infection with fans via Instagram. I must admit that she chose a rather unusual way of conveying this information. She did it in the form of a joke, and the emoji at the end of the post suggest what symptoms she experienced during the infection.

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Ewa Farna had a coronavirus

Ewa Farna suffered from coronavirus, and boldly walking along the streets of her beloved Prague only confirmed that she is now fully healthy. Of course, she informed about the whole situation after the incident, because she is not very happy to share news from her life with fans. Each photo she posts on her Instagram is fully thought out and does not exceed her private borders.

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In the photo she posted on the web, you can see her husband and son looking at one of the buildings in Prague. Farna seemed genuinely surprised by the empty streets of the Czech capital, which usually attracts a large group of tourists and city residents.

It is an interesting feeling to visit gray, closed Praga – wilderness, where there are always tons of tourists – recalls Ewa.

Later in the post, the singer revealed that she can finally return to normal. It looks like she was infected with the coronavirus until recently, but today she is doing great. It turns out that the guarantor of health here is the return of the sense of smell, because when changing her son she feels that he has returned to normal, and the singer correctly recognizes the stimuli.

Ewa FarnaEwa Farna went for a walk with the child and posed for a photo. She showed a yellow cart

I am already over the coronavirus. He recognizes, because changing a kid is completely cool – he explains.

In the post, she also assured her followers about a surprise that will soon appear on her Instagram profile.

I am looking forward to Christmas and you should be vigilant, because I will still have some little surprises for you – she signed the photo.

Are you curious what she has prepared?

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