WSJ: US gives Ukraine Abrams tanks, as Germany wants

The Biden administration, contrary to its previous position, is inclined to transfer an as-yet unspecified number of Abrams tanks to Ukraineto overcome German objections to the delivery of German Leopard 2 tanks, writes the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources in the United States. Sky News Arabia reported similar information, citing a […]

NYT: The West has begun preparing Ukraine for a spring breakthrough

The American newspaper The New York Times, in its analysis of the situation in Ukraine, discusses why in the last few weeks some western countries suddenly decided to send weapons to Kyiv that were previously refused. USA and Germany – provided the latest Patriot air defense systems. France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, and again the […]

Germany will not block other countries from supplying Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Germany should not interfere with the military support provided to Ukraine by other countriesVice-Chancellor Robert Habek said in response to a journalist’s question about Poland’s intention to hand over German Leopard tanks to Ukraine, reports the BBC’s Russian service. A day ago, during a visit to Lviv, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced Warsaw’s plans to […]

The United States sends “Patriot” to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden, during the visit of his Ukrainian colleague Volodymyr Zelensky to Washingtonwill announce a new package of military aidso that Ukraine can defend itself against Russian aggression, the White House said in a statement, quoted by the BBC. According to British media, it is $2 Billion Aid Package to Include Patriot Air […]

NYT: Western artillery delivered to Ukraine fails often, repaired in Poland

This was reported by the American newspaper The New York Times (NYT). howitzers supplied to Ukraine by Western countries often fail due to the very high intensity of their use. According to the publication, this has become a serious problem for NATO countries and its solution special facilities have been created in Poland for the […]

Zhdanov named effective ways – UNIAN

If we are talking about a railway bridge, then the echelon moving along it can intensify the blow. HIMARS systems are already in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine / US Army military expert Oleg Zhdanov described effective ways to strengthen the strikes of American HIMARS multiple rocket launchers on road or rail bridges. […]

Miami to give Irpin weapons purchased from Americans (photo) – UNIAN

It was collected as part of the “Guns 4 Ukraine” campaign. In Miami, they collected weapons for the Irpin policemen / photo Miami will hand over to Ukrainian this week Irpen 167 firearms. This was announced by the mayor of Irpen Alexander Markushin in his Telegram channel. In June, the Miami police began a […]