Ukraine Threatens to Destroy Europe’s Longest Bridge with Western Advanced Missiles

loading… The Ukrainian military has threatened to destroy the Kerch Bridge, the longest bridge in Europe connecting Crimea to mainland Russia. This bridge will be destroyed with advanced Western missiles. Photo/ KIEV – Military Ukraine threatened to destroy the Kerch Bridge, Europe’s longest bridge, with advanced Western missiles. The bridge connects Crimea with the mainland … Read more

Chronology of mayors in Ukraine betrayed in support of Putin

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The mayor of Sviatohirsk, Volodymyr Bandura, has been in the spotlight for reportedly turning his back on the President Vladimir Putin when the team Russia rule the city Ukraine which he led. Bandura began to be in the spotlight on Monday (13/6), when Denis Pushilin as the leader of a pro-Russian … Read more

Fully Support Invasion of Ukraine

Jakarta – North Korean leader (North Korea) Kim Jong Un express full support for the President of Russia Vladimir Putindespite international condemnation of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. “Inhabitant Russia have achieved great success in achieving the just goal of defending the dignity and security of their country… while facing all kinds of challenges and difficulties,” … Read more

Geez! Putin’s Weapon is Powerful to Make the World Dizzy

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Russian attack launched against Ukraine in fact has caused a domino effect for the food needs of the whole world. The reason is, Ukraine is a fairly high producer of food ingredients, but Moscow has blocked access to these commodities. Most recently, Russia attacked a train factory that was usually … Read more

Political Crisis Due to Prophet Muhammad’s Comments in India Drags Putin’s Name

Jakarta – Russian President Vladimir Putin’s old remarks about the Prophet Muhammad made several years ago, are used out of context amid the ongoing uproar about the Prophet Muhammad in India. On 23 December 2021, Putin said insults to the Prophet Muhammad “are a violation of religious freedom and hurt the feelings of Muslims”. This … Read more

Putin also gives up on Western sanctions, this is the proof

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Russia Vladimir Putin has re-opened his voice about the state of the economy of the country he leads. This was done when Western countries were still imposing economic and financial sanctions on Russia due to its attack on Ukraine. In a statement to young Russian businessmen, Putin indicated the country’s … Read more

NATO Heads For Direct War With Putin, Might Be Nuclear War

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to be engaging in a direct war with NATO, which could turn into a nuclear war. Photo/REUTERS WASHINGTON – Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent, Robert Baer, ​​says NATO is moving towards direct war with the President Russia Vladimir Putin. According to him, the conflict might turn into … Read more

Putin Called Angry At China For Not Helping Russia

loading… President Vladimir Putin is reportedly angry at China for not assisting Russia in removing sanctions related to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Photo/REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov MOSCOW – President of Russia Vladimir Putin reported to be angry and swear at the leader China Xi Jinping. The trigger is that Beijing is not helping to remove the sanctions … Read more

Putin is getting ready to ‘throw away’ the dollar, other countries to follow?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russia was cornered by Western countries due to the war carried out on Ukraine. Various sanctions were also given to the country led by Vladimir Putin. Starting from trade sanctions, finance, to individuals. From the financial sector, at least seven Russian banks and institutions were excluded from the international banking information … Read more

Russia will strike new targets if Ukraine is supplied with long-range missiles

loading… Putin: Russia will strike new targets if Ukraine is supplied with long-range missiles PHOTO/TASS MOSCOW – President Vladimir Putin warned the West, that Russia will attack the new target if United States of America (The US) has started supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles, the TASS news agency reported on Sunday (5/6/2022). “If such missiles … Read more