What is Sacha Baron Cohen’s satirical road trip to the United States worth?

With this series, the British satirist takes up his hoaxes and sets himself up as the sad buffoon of Donald Trump’s America. But in the era of “fake news”, the effect is no longer guaranteed. The ad was enticing. Six years later The Dictator, the genius of silly and wicked satire – in the guise […]

Black as snow, New Amsterdam… what to watch on TV tonight?

TV movie Black as snow to be continued at 9:05 p.m. on France 2. In a ski resort, an adjutant of the High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoon and a Swiss police officer investigate the suspicious death of a teenager … An interesting plot, the end of which is hard to guess, and a magnificent setting that […]

the unexpected support of Laurent Joffrin in “L’heure des pros”

“After the ESCP, Sciences Po Paris has just banned me from lecturing within its walls. At the same time, they welcomed Mélenchon and Poutou: their alleged pluralism is a joke. The cancel culture practiced by these small censors is underway. walk”. This is the message published by Geoffroy Lejeune, editorial director of Current values, this […]

Before Maid on Netflix, Margaret Qualley as an aspiring writer

1995. Joanna, a young woman aspiring to be a writer, leaves California and her boyfriend, Karl, to settle in New York. She found a job with a renowned literary agency, headed by Margaret, who asked her to respond to letters addressed to writer JD Salinger, a client of the agency. Instead of returning a typical […]

“Too bad that loving a woman is political”

Rather discreet about her private life, Angèle agreed to step out of her reserve in a recent interview with She on the occasion of the release next December of his new album called Ninety-five. Romeo’s sister Elvis returned to her outing in 2019 by a magazine and the revelation, a few weeks later via a […]

America’s Got Talent – Extreme: a candidate nears death, production suspended!

Jonathan Goodwin came close to death on Thursday repeating the impressive number he planned to perform in America’s Got Talent – Extrême (a spin-off ofAmerica’s Got Talent). This escape specialist nicknamed The Daredevil (” the daredevil »), And known for his spectacular performances, was suspended by the feet about twenty meters above the ground between […]

The Houston Vets – SWISS1 – October 26, 2021, 6:50 pm

Tuesday, 26. October • 18:50 – 19:30 S2 E0 • Old dog in need Info USA 2017 Miniature Pinscher Rudy is now 14 years old. Dental problems are currently causing problems for the little four-legged friend. But before the serious periodontal disease can be treated, Dr. Blue make sure Rudy’s cardiovascular system is strong enough […]

A new big scandal broke out in Europe over Crimea PHOTO

Another scandal over the disputed Crimean peninsula erupted after the presentation of the Euro 2024 logo. Yesterday, UEFA presented the official emblem of the championship, which will be held in Germany. A map of Europe was also shown, showing the Black Sea peninsula within Ukraine’s borders. This once again provoked Russia’s angry reaction. Winbet – […]

A terrible tragedy! A 15-year-old died in a chain accident

A 15-year-old victim had a chain accident with a total of six participants. The tragedy happened during the Supersport World Championship, which took place on Saturday at the Jerez track in Spain. Dean Bertha Vinales, cousin of 2013 World Moto 3 champion Maverick Vinales, has died. Winbet – the real thrill of victory! (18+) After […]