Ivo Karamanski’s son becomes Robocop after the hellish blow

Ivo Karamanski’s son, named after him, became a Robocop after a severe accident last year in the Netherlands. The young man lost part of his arm, but will have an artificial wrist that will move, said his stepfather Alexander Sano. “We’re still going through this, I think we’re on the final straight. Purely medical things […]

Almost 700 Dutch people were in our country shortly before their infection

theme image — © pol de wilde-corelio Winter sports holidays have made Austria the main other country where the Dutch have recently contracted the corona virus. Figures from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment show that 964 people who tested positive last week had visited the Alpine country in the two weeks […]

In the Netherlands and Germany, fireworks have claimed lives – Abroad – News

The accident in the Netherlands took place long before the New Year celebrations around 11.30 and another 11-year-old boy was injured. The circumstances of what happened are quite unclear. The mayor of Haaksbergen has already expressed his condolences to the relatives of the deceased. “My thoughts are with the people who are now completely overwhelmed. […]

Sigrid Kaag becomes Minister of Finance in the new Dutch government

Sigrid Kaag becomes Minister of Finance in the new Dutch government. That post is ‘crucial’ in the implementation of the ‘ambitious plans’ that the parties have for the coming years, the D66 leader said in a statement. Sigrid Kaag becomes the first female finance minister and the first of D66. Earlier this week, it was […]

Longer trains to Belgium due to extreme crowds: ‘Necessary evil’

The Belgian railway company NMBS is deploying longer trains between the Netherlands and Belgium. As a result, the trains between Roosendaal and Puurs in Belgium have double the capacity. The NMBS does this because of the crowds by Dutch people who go to Belgium. “It is not normal.” Despite the advice not to travel to […]