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Ukraine and the Netherlands Sign 10-Year Security Agreement: What You Need to Know

Ukraine and the Netherlands must sign a security agreement for a period of 10 years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Netherlands reports.

Notedthat the agreement provides for obligations to the Dutch government to provide ongoing support to Ukraine in the areas of security, reconstruction and justice.

“Our own security is closely intertwined with the security of Ukraine. We cannot afford to forget for a day that the courageous struggle of the Ukrainians is also our concern. Ukraine must count on our support not only now, but also in the long term. This also sends a powerful signal Russia, which hopes that Western support for Ukraine will end over time,” the government portal quotes the words of Dutch Foreign Minister Hanke Bruins Slot.

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The Foreign Ministry did not announce the date of signing the agreement; they only noted that it would take place “in the near future.” In addition to military assistance, it is noted that the Netherlands will help Ukraine achieve further integration into the EU and NATO.

“The security agreement includes agreements on military support in the medium and long term, cooperation involving the defense industry, enhancing Ukraine’s resilience, including its response to cyber threats, and improving interoperability between the Ukrainian army and NATO forces,” the Foreign Ministry writes.

Security agreements between Ukraine and partner countries

Ukraine has signed security agreements with several NATO countries. The first such agreement was signed with the UK government. The agreement formalizes military and non-military cooperation between Britain and Ukraine in support of Ukraine’s security. It was noted that this support will be long-term.

Already in February, Vladimir Zelensky signed security agreements with Germany, France and Denmark.

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