Credit Suisse is great, this is the complete timeline and the facts

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Swiss investment firm Credit Suisse is experiencing a severe shock. This can be seen by the sharp decline in the financial giant’s stocks and bonds. Indeed, following this sharp decline, CEO Ulrich Körner sent a reminder to all his employees on Friday (30/9/2022). He tries to convince the staff of the […]

Violent Stock Market Recovery in Europe | Finansavisen

US stock market indices rose 2-3% on Monday and Europe followed suit on Tuesday. By four o’clock, the German Dax had gained 2.7%, while the rise in the French Cac and the British FTSE was 3.4 and 2.1% respectively. Long bonds and precious metals also received a solid boost. The development reflects the hope that […]

Credit Suisse resolves US shareholder lawsuit on Archegos

Credit Suisse has resolved a legal dispute with a US pension fund for risky investments. At issue were billions of losses due to the collapse of Archegos and Greensill Capital. Credit Suisse (CS) reached a $ 32.5 million deal. It resolves a lawsuit accusing the Swiss bank of misleading its shareholders about the quality of […]

Scandal! This Big Bank Gets Law on Cocaine Cases, How Comes?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Investment banking firm Credit Suisse Group AG was convicted by the Swiss Federal Criminal Court for failing to prevent money laundering by a Bulgarian cocaine smuggling gang Monday (27/6/2022). A former bank employee was found guilty of money laundering in the trial, which also included testimony about murder. Federal prosecutor Alice […]

The long-awaited CEO of Santander brings closeness to America | Opinion

José Antonio Álvarez will finally have a substitute as CEO of Santander. It will be the Mexican Héctor Grisi Checa (Mexico City, 1966), whose appointment was announced on Friday, while the bank is bidding, precisely, to buy Banamex, the Citi subsidiary in the North American country. He has a professional career in the financial field […]

Almost a quarter of a million job vacancies in Switzerland

From the nursing profession to the retail trade to the big bank: According to the “Jobradar”, around a quarter of a million jobs are vacant in Switzerland. In Zurich there are 56,000. A lot of staff is needed, especially in the care sector. (icon image) – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief According to new […]