Superbonus, easier credit transfer for families

The market for tax credits that arise from super bonus 110 percent and other concessions. A decree from the Ministry of Economy is in the pipeline which – by providing an authentic interpretation of the rules in force – will dissolve the doubts that have so far contributed to retaining operators. The novelty comes in […]

away to the single national model

A single form, valid throughout Italy, for the communication of the start of works. The government accelerates on Super bonus 110% which, according to what the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, explained two days ago, could be extended (provided that the financial resources are available) until 2023. In reality, the measures introduced in the decree […]

9 million families give up

Over a year after his birth and halfway through his potential life, at least on paper, the Superbonus 110% he spent less than 20% of his $ 18 billion dowry and lost 80% of his original followers on the street. Too many stakes and too many unknowns. A maze of fulfilments and requirements for tax […]

Superbonus, in condominiums struggles to take off: 1000 interventions out of 11 thousand

03/05/2021 – The Superbonus arouses a lot of interest, but clashes with the bureaucracy and struggles to take off in condominiums. This is the picture that emerged last Wednesday during the hearings held in the combined Environment and Productive Activities Committees of the Chamber. During the hearings, Enea provided data on the territorial distribution of […]

Superbonus 110%, as the APE is drafted

01/03/2021 – Which rules to take into consideration for the preparation of the Energy Performance Certificate (APE)? Who can draft it? What are the energy services to be evaluated? And how do you proceed with the demolition and reconstruction with enlargement? Enea answered these and other questions with a Faq dedicated to the Superbonus. APE, […]

Superbonus 110%, new clarifications on deductions. The faq Enea

Answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to the ENEA website have been published super bonus 110%, after publication in the Gazzetta dei Ecobonus Requirements Decrees and Certifications. It is for the moment of nine faq who seek to clarify doubts and address various aspects including: the amount of the bonus for works started […]

Superbonus 110%, what are the maximum costs to consider?

13/10/2020 – Reference prices for towing and towed interventions that benefit from the 110% Superbonus and contribution of thermal bridges in the calculation of transmittance. With a series of Faqs, ENEA has answered the doubts of the professionals who are preparing to take on the tasks for the design of energy efficiency works facilitated with […]

Enea explains how to access the Superbonus 110%

13/10/2020 – How to draft the pre and post-intervention EPA? Is it possible to get the Superbonus 110% if, during the works, a volumetric expansion is carried out? What if the works started before 1 July 2020? ENEA answered these practical questions and resolved some doubts generated by the legislation on the subject. APE, the […]

Superbonus 110% published in the Official Gazette: download it here

Finally the Super bonus It is complete. Has been published in the Official Gazette 246 of 5 October the decree regulating the 110% eco-bonus. Superbonus in the Official Gazette In particular, the decree August 6, 2020 of the MISE containing the technical requirements (or Prices decree) for access to tax deductions for the energy requalification […]

superbonus based on income

Starting from 2021, those who buy an electric car could have up to 18,000 euros in super bonuses, if it falls within the Isee range below 30,000 euros. That’s right. In fact, the consultation on the proposal of the Ministry of the Environment has just ended with businesses and citizens to remodel in a first […]