PS5 Software Update Will Provide VRR Features

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Sony confirm that the game console PS5 will be equipped with a visual Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) feature. This feature will be active in after system software update via online in the future. Reported Techradar, this information is known from the page Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the official PlayStation website. […]

Now transfer your savefile to Spider-Man Remastered

A while ago it was announced that we will soon be able to transfer our save from Spider-Man to Spider-Man Remastered. You can do that from now on! Players can now transfer their savefile from Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 to Spider-Man Remastered. That confirms, among other things Push Square. Transferring the save is possible after […]

Revealed, Sony Boss Explains the Reason Why the PS5 Game is Mehong

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PlayStation 5 or PS5 has been officially sold on the international market. Some game PS5 This exclusive game console for the successor to the PS4 has also been marketed, but the price is quite expensive for some gamers so that protests have emerged. Imagine, for the price of the console, based […]

The mysterious door in the Demon’s Souls remake has finally opened

The mysterious new door in the Demon’s Souls remake has finally opened, so we know what’s behind it. Note: spoilers! Earlier this week players discovered a mysterious door in the Bluepoint remake that was not in the original game. They also did not know how the door opened. Speedrunner Distortion2 has now solved the secret. […]

Rick and Morty are promoting PlayStation 5

Iconic cartoon duo Rick and Morty has been used to advertise the recently released PlayStation 5. The Adult Swim ad is entirely in the style of the cartoon series of the same name, with Morty trying to explain the features of the PlayStation 5 while Rick counts the money they received for the recording of […]

Test free ships in Star Citizen for a week and a half

For a week and a half, players can test all the different spaceships in Star Citizen for free. The promotion falls under the so-called ‘Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950’ and lasts until December 2. This is remarkable, because many ships in Star Citizen are worth a lot of real money. All ships in the game are […]

Nintendo would rather you keep politics out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo has established a number of rules for companies for the use of Anima Crossing: New Horizons. Among other things, you have to keep politics out of the game and may not make money from it. Nintendo has guidelines for companies’ use of Animal Crossing: New Horizons drawn up. “While our services and products are […]

PlayStation 5 users get creative, create custom panels because Sony doesn’t want to!

INDOZONE.ID – Sony has finally officially launched its newest next-gen console, namely PlayStation 5 and also the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Unfortunately, the console is only available in 1 color variant, namely white and black, even though it looks pretty cool. Previously there was an accessories company that intended to sell the outer panels of […]

Sony CEO: Rp. 900 thousand for PlayStation 5 games is a reasonable price!

INDOZONE.ID – Console PlayStation 5 now officially launched and a number of games for the PS5 console have also been released. But of course it took quite a long time for Sony to launch an exclusive PlayStation 5 game. It also made fans wonder about the price of games on the PS5. Some time ago […]