CDU for Wüst as Prime Minister and State Chairman of North Rhine-Westphalia

Krefeld The district association welcomes the decision that the NRW Transport Minister should succeed Armin Laschet. The 46-year-old is “a doer” and operates a “smart and forward-looking policy”. State Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst is to succeed Armin Laschet in North Rhine-Westphalia – as Prime Minister and CDU state party leader. The 46-year-old is “a doer” […]

Tim-Leonardo-Cdp-Sogei present National Cloud proposal – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 28 – Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (through the subsidiary Cdp Equity), Leonardo, Sogei and Tim “jointly presented, as promoter, to the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition (MITD ) a proposal for a public-private partnership for the creation of the National Strategic Pole (PSN), an infrastructure for the cloud management […]

Zelensky about the Iron Dome: It’s too early to say

Zelensky did not give any specifics about receiving the Iron Dome The President commented on the information about the proposal in the United States to transfer air defense systems to Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, during his visit to the United States, where he will take part in the UN General Assembly, commented on media reports […]

The bank heats up the battle for mortgages: this is the offer | My money

After the stoppage a year ago due to the arrival of Covid-19, the resurgence of the demand for housing has redoubled the bank’s commitment to the mortgages, stoking the commercial battle that has been fought for some time. The financial entities they want to regain the market lost during lockdown and restrictions and are willing […]

Photos: The 15-M Archive, in photos | Spain

13 photos The claims and proposals of the outraged who occupied Puerta del Sol 10 years ago survive in 28 boxes stored in a store in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés. Some 14,679 papers, written with pencils, pens, colored markers or with the computer, together with banners and posters of the camping, rest today in […]

Revealing the Facts Many Indonesians Work in Qatar Oil Refineries – Professional Ex Qatargas and Qatar Petrolium, Syarian Tampo Djamhur said that many Indonesians work in the oil and gas sector in Qatar. In fact, many of them are experts in operating oil and gas refineries and solving problems in this sector “Actually, the strength of our people there (Qatar) is the skill in […]

ICBC teaches you how to get along with the opposite sex, this proposal is on fire | Proposal_Sina

See stocksGolden Unicorn Analyst Report, Authoritative, professional, timely and comprehensive, to help you tap potential theme opportunities! Original title: Swipe the screen! ICBC teaches you how to get along with the opposite sex! This proposal is on fire, try to avoid physical contact and pay attention to your daily communication…   “Space line”ICBCAnd rushed to the […]