how the highest police hierarchy supported the shooter

Investigation Article reserved for subscribers As evidenced by documents consulted by “Liberation”, the agent of the BAC of Essonne indicted for having, in February 2020, mutilated with a shot from LBD a young man who did not represent any danger, benefited from the support of his superiors. And this up to the director general of […]

New York Times: Controversial Comment Has Consequences | Currently America | DW

In the guest commentary entitled “Send In The Troops”, Republican Senator Tom Cotton called for the military to be used against protesters in the United States. He wrote in the “New York Times” (NYT): “One thing in particular will restore order to our streets: an overwhelming show of force to evict, arrest and ultimately deter […]

Breaking news … New George Floyd case in the US: Protests are growing!

class=”cf”> ABD‘nin Minnesota police in Brooklyn Center, north of Minneapolis, on Sunday, traffic Angry crowds took to the streets after he shot and killed a 20-year-old black boy during his translation. Police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. A curfew has been declared in the city. The name of the young man killed during […]

Klouth on Derek Chauvin trial: “Defense references drugs in Floyd’s blood”

29.03.2021 20:31 Uhr – 02:53 min Klouth on Derek Chauvin Trial “Defense Refers to Drugs in Floyd’s Blood” Ex-police officer Derek Chauvin has to answer in court for the death of George Floyd, on whose neck he kneeled for almost nine minutes in May 2020. The defense pleads innocent. ntv reporter Hanna Klouth reports from […]

Protest Against Police Violence: Riots from New York to Los Angeles – Politics

<div class="data" title="The protests against police violence, like here in Minneapolis, do not come to rest in the USA Photo: AFP / KEREM YUCEL "data-tags =" pictures "data-imagecount =" 8 "data-videocount =" 0 "data-kaloogaclass =" "data-commentcount =" 0 "data-paidcontent ="“> The protests against police violence, like here in Minneapolis, are not calming down in the […]

Death of George Floyd: Pre-trial protests against police officers

The trial of police officer Derek Chauvin begins in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He achieved notoriety for choking off George Floyd on May 25, 2020 when the police officer put his victim’s knee against the neck – for nine minutes. “I can’t breathe,” said George Floyd over and over. He was accused of paying with a fake […]