China Sues WTO, US Over Trade Protectionism | Thai PBS News Thai PBS News

The trade war between China and the United States could start a new wave. When China prepares to file a complaint with the WTO, considering that the United States Legislation to regulate the semiconductor industry It can be equal to trade barriers. Follow-up report to watch “Than Lok and here Thai PBS” program every Monday […]

Trump sues CNN for libel Damage claims for 17,898 million baht.

“Trump” Former US President Filed a lawsuit against CNN for libel and slander. He is ready to ask for compensation of 17,898 million baht. Today (October 4, 2525) foreign news agencies reported that Donald Trump, former president of the United States. File a lawsuit against CNN in a Florida court. He charges of defamation and […]

Confirm the suitable to “illness screening” between the working age teams 25-59 years

NHSO clarifies the rewards for disorder screening in functioning age teams 25-59 for all treatment method legal rights both of those tetanus vaccinations Blood test for diabetic issues screening, HIV, cervical most cancers screening, beginning regulate These days (September 2, 2022), the Countrywide Health Protection Office (NHSO) clarified the advantages for functioning age groups 25 […]

Floods in Afghanistan 192 victims, Taliban check with for intercontinental assist

The Taliban talk to for worldwide help. Soon after numerous areas of Afghanistan have been weakened by floods. 192 men and women have died as the flu of the monsoon year impacts the lives of at the very least 30 million Pakistanis. Currently (August 28, 2022), folks in the Baluchistan region in southwestern Pakistan Evacuate […]

The resolution of the Electoral Commission has influenced Prayut for 8 years, noting that parliamentarians have filed a petition with the Constitutional Court docket.

urgent! The Electoral Commission resolution strike “Sri Suwan”, petitioning Prayut for 8 yrs as prime minister, noting that MPs went to the Constitutional Court to decide that there was no want to take into consideration These days (22 August 2022) it was described that the assembly of the Electoral Fee (ECT) had a resolution not […]