Hondurans from NY go to the polls in presidential election

A Honduran family traveled from Morristown, New Jersey, to be able to participate in the presidential elections of their country and, in this way, elect the successor of the controversial president Juan Orlando Hernandez. However, not all family members were able to pay. Even so, the trip was justified, because Cristina Sáenz, who could vote, […]

Tourism returns and Times Square hopes to regain its shine

David Cohen has been looking forward to a return to the days when business thrived at his family’s souvenir shop in Times Square. Although tourists have started to return, foot traffic is still not what it was before the coronavirus pandemic, when hordes of visitors crowded under the electric fences outside his store. But the […]

churros seller on New Years

Eder López thinks that he will sell more churros and coffee in this kiosk with the arrival of more tourists to the big apple to celebrate the new year. “This is good news. With tourists coming from Europe, the economy is already improving and with the opening of the normal new year it will be […]

Free turkey distribution on the Lower East Side

Aurelia Suchilt, a mother of three, traveled from the Bronx to the Madre Cabrini organization on the Lower East Side to find her Thanksgiving dinner. “Two hours, eventually, the traffic, well we came by train but what you expect, you walk from one station to another and everything but we already have the turkey for […]

The Christmas tree for Rockefeller Center arrives in NYC

A Christmas tradition of the city is getting closer and closer and that is that this Saturday morning the tree that will adorn the Rockefeller Center arrived. Norway spruce arrived from Maryland early today. This is the first time the city has received a tree from that state for its annual celebration. RELATED STORIES: The […]

Increase presence of Latino runners in the NYC marathon

“I need them to come out to support me and raise a flag so that I can regain energy.” This is Beverly Ramos, a Puerto Rican Olympic competitor who participated in the 50th New York City Marathon. He ran the city marathon in 2015 but this time managed to break his previous record, crossing all […]

Dominican runner trained 6 years for the NYC marathon

With map in hand and accumulating miles of training, the Dominican runner José Manuel Contreras will achieve his dream of competing in the New York Marathon, after six years of efforts: “To finally run the New York Marathon, for the first time, to Me means a lot, “explains the athlete. And it is that Contreras […]

Library reopening in Glendale, Queens

Glendale residents in Queens already have a new library… this morning the building that spent three years in repairs and remodeling reopened. Something that the neighbors looked forward to. “Three years from now it has been worth the wait and that’s good. I already have my card and then I make a call to everyone […]

Latino presence at the Halloween Parade in New York

Misael Urzuasa puts on the last details of the chinelo suit, a tradition of the state of Morelos that its inhabitants used to make fun of the Spanish who dominated the towns in Mexico. Along with 100 other people, Urzuasa participated in the 48th edition of the Halloween Parade to represent Mexican culture despite being […]

Ecuadorian immigrant celebrates 100 years of life in NYC

This Friday was a very special day for Alejandro Gómez, an Ecuadorian immigrant who turned 100 years old and, therefore, they gave him a very special cake. “I feel happy and content because I am in this country and you are so kind, all of you,” commented the centenary celebrated. Despite his age, he still […]