Asian tiger mosquitoes show themselves again at Asser business park

Chairman Wilfred Reinhold of the Platform Stop Invasieve Exoten has been fighting for transparency when it comes to the tiger mosquito for years. This year he also submitted a Wob request (Public Access to Government Act) about this. “A tiger mosquito was found in Amstelveen in March of this year. After submitting a Wob request, […]

NVWA continues fight against tiger mosquito in Sittard

Photo: CC0 Inspectors from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) will be in Sittard in the near future to combat the Asian tiger mosquito. Last year, most tiger mosquitoes were found in South Limburg, at 2 locations: in Valkenburg and Sittard. The NVWA combated this mosquito species last year and is now […]

NVWA warns against herbal preparation with painkillers

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) warns consumers not to use the herbal preparation Montalin. In addition to herbs, it also contains illegally added pain-relieving drugs, but this is not stated on the packaging. According to the NVWA, the web shops that sold this drug have ceased trading. However, it is still […]