Atheer Al-Hilweh draws attention with a bold, sporty look

Saudi activist Atheer Al-Hilweh presented her followers with a new video clip, in which she appeared playing sports with a bold look that highlighted her weight gain. And the Saudi activist has come under a lot of criticism after she posted a video in which she appeared to be playing sports and eating the stuffed […]

Olivia Wilde steals the spotlight in her latest look

American actress and director Olivia Wilde wowed audiences when she appeared on the red carpet at an event on Tuesday in New York City. The 38-year-old chose a dress from Yves St Laurent’s latest collection for her red carpet appearance. The dress, which has an opening on the belly, is decorated with a funky detail, […]

Tomorrow the weather will be partly cloudy, gradually tending to cloudy during the night, and scattered rains with fog will fall on the hills.

The Meteorological Department said that “stable autumn weather dominates Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean basin until Sunday night, as it is affected by a depression centered on Italy and western Greece, which is gradually approaching, leading to a unstable and rainy weather until dawn on Thursday Noting that “the average temperature on the coast for […]

What will happen to the dollar after two weeks?

The era of Michel Aoun is over and with him all the bets on the possibility of changing many things have ended, including the drop in the dollar exchange rate against the lira.Sunday 23 October 2022, and with magical magic, the price of the dollar fell immediately by five thousand pounds … How is it? […]