Private- Magda El Roumi undergoes this surgery, and art reveals her health condition

“Al-Fan” learned that the Lebanese artist, Majida Al-Roumi, underwent a “gallbladder” operation, which is a medically simple operation that does not cause concern. She left the hospital, is in good health, and is currently in her home. . From the “Art” website, we wish the artist, Magda El Roumi, health and safety.On the other hand, […]

Do you remember Maria Isabel? So today I am 54 years old

Who among us does not remember the Mexican actress Maria Isabel, whose star shone many years ago. “Maria Isabel” or Adela Noriega, who caught the eye during the presentation of her series, is still one of the names that the public searches for on the Internet and social networking sites, and when any result is […]

Maryse presents her latest song, Stay alone

Maryse released her latest song, “Khalik Haddi”, in the form of a video clip directed by Faten Barzi, through her official YouTube channel. The song is written by Basem Yehia, composed by Ammar El-Sayed, mixed-mastered by Hossam Saabi. The lyrics say: My life has become difficult without you, I love you, I adore your madness, […]

Special Art – Khaled Selim: My new movie includes Surprise with Nisreen Tafesh

Egyptian artist Khaled Selim said, in an exclusive statement to Al-Fan, that he is preparing to release new single-style songs in the coming period, which are part of the events of his new movie “In the Heart”, pointing out that its events take place in a romantic framework and he finished filming it some time […]

A fire in Gansu Dere’s house, and this is what happened

A fire broke out last night in the house of international actress Jansu Dire, after she was hospitalized last week due to food poisoning. Cansu Dere was hospitalized when she suddenly fell ill at the airport while she was about to go to Spain to receive an honorary award from a festival.This time, a fire […]