At Chartreux de Lyon, respect for traditions at the service of excellence

Par Emma Ferrand Published yesterday at 17:53, Update yesterday at 17:53 – The former monastery of the Chartreuse du Lys du Saint-Esprit, on the Croix-Rousse hill, houses 750 university students, in addition to students from other schools of Francois BOUCHON / François Bouchon / Le Figaro – REPORT – Parents come here to look for […]

Same chicken … Why are prices different for supermarkets and franchises?

The one price rule and the “fair price” Less than 10,000 won per large commercial shipDeductible: from 20,000 to 25,000 wonIt looks like chickenIf you look at it, the weight of the chicken is different. Differences in the “willingness to pay” of consumersPeople who want to eat comfortably at homeEven if I pay the delivery […]

Professors upset by the closure of George-Sand College

At the beginning of April, the teachers and staff of the George-Sand college, a human-sized establishment to the west of Toulon, had learned of the upcoming closure of their establishment. A misunderstanding all the greater as the building belonging to the town hall was ceded to the Department until 2027. But for a question of […]

Near Toulouse, a college requires the vaccination pass for a school trip to Spain

While he was to participate in a school trip to Spain in a few days, a pupil of a colleague located near Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) was excluded from this project because he did not have a vaccination pass, reported Toulouse NewsWednesday, April 13, 2022. Indeed, to participate in this trip, the college management requires that teenagers, […]

“Degradation” of the working conditions of middle and high school directors

The working conditions of directors of middle and high schools have deteriorated with the health crisis, which has however brought a “greater freedom to innovate», Indicates a study published Friday, December 3. Read alsoWhy National Education is struggling to recruit According to this study conducted among 4,340 people (33% of the workforce), carried out by […]

Albert Camus College website

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presentation of the “College for equality” project at the Town Hall

This Friday, June 4, the 4th year classes of the Lamartine college will present at the Town Hall of Villeurbanne, at 10 am, their work within the framework of the “Colleges for equality” project. This examines issues of gender equality and the sharing of public space. The schoolboys of the Lamartine establishment will present this […]

Priority education | Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports

The principles of priority education Priority education policy is based on clearly stated principles. An educational priority The successes observed show that it is mainly in the daily teaching and educational practices that the academic success of students from working-class backgrounds is played out. A systemic approach inscribed in the continuity of the courses is […]