Vienna Week: Exploring History, Culture, and Digital Detox at Irnfritz Middle School

Vienna Week: Exploring History, Culture, and Digital Detox at Irnfritz Middle School

A visit to the Natural History Museum was also on the program for the Irnfritz Middle School’s Vienna Week.

Photo: Irnfritz Middle School

Ea week without a cell phone? Impossible. But not for the fourth grade students at the Irnfritz middle school during their week in Vienna.

In the second week of school, the Vienna Week took place for the fourth grades of the Irnfritz middle school. The students spent exciting and educational days in the federal capital. It offered an insight into both historical and modern institutions such as the Natural History Museum or the Parliament. As a cultural highlight, they attended the musical performance “Rebecca”.

“At a time when cell phones and digital devices have taken on a permanent place in our everyday lives, it is very important to us at the Irnfritz middle school to ensure that there are ‘offline’ phases,” says director Irene Herzog-Genner. “All students took part in this ‘digital fast’, which everyone found to be particularly relaxing.” This cell phone-free time not only enabled better communication, but also strengthened the class’s sense of togetherness.

To raise awareness of healthy use of technology, the group attended a workshop at the end of the week at the Vienna University of Technology (TU), which the children took part in with great enthusiasm. This eventful and beautiful week in Vienna will be remembered by the children and teachers for a long time.

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