Terrifying! Mass Shooting at Birthday Party Kills 8 People

Jakarta – Terrifying! Gunmen opened fire on a group of people celebrating a birthday in a small town in south Africa. Local police said that eight people were killed and three others injured in the horror incident. Reported by the news agency AFPMonday (30/1/2023), a birthday person was among those who were shot dead in […]

Palestinians Celebrate Massacre in Jerusalem Synagogue

loading… Palestinians celebrate the shooting at the Jerusalem Synagogue that killed 7 people. Photo/The Times of Israel JERUSALEM – Inhabitant Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza Strip celebrated attacks that killed 7 people Israel in a synagogue in Jerusalem. The attack also injured three other people. Palestinian media reported celebrations in cities across the […]

Mass shootings in California! The son of a well-known actress became a “gun-grabbing hero”. He was interviewed to restore the incident | International | CTWANT

At least 11 people were killed in a mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, on the 21st. The 72-year-old suspect Chen Yougen (HuuCan Tran, transliteration) attempted to shoot at the “Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio” (Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio) a few minutes after committing the crime in the “Star Dance Studio”. Brandon Tsay, a […]

Mass Shooting Happens Again in the US, Now 3 People Reportedly Dead

Washington D.C – Shooting mass going on again in United States of America (US). Now as many as 3 people are reported to have been shot dead by gunmen in Washington, United States. As reported by AFP, Wednesday (25/1/2023), the attack came after two mass shootings in California that have killed 18 people. Police in […]

Mass shooting at a military training camp in Russia, many killed and wounded

At least 11 people were killed and at least 15 others were injured in a mass shooting at a military training camp in Russia’s Belgorod region, where volunteers were being collected and mobilized for dispatch to Ukraine, TASS reports. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the killing of military personnel, calling the incident a “terrorist attack”. […]

Horror! Los Angeles Park Shooting Kills 2, Injures 5

The Angels – Mass shootings have occurred again in the United States. At least two people died in fatal shooting that happened in a park in the Los Angeles area, United States of America (US). The park where the shooting took place was holding a car show when the incident occurred. As reported CNN and […]

The Tragedy of Shootings in the US during the Independence Day Parade

Illinois – Shooting Mass again occurred in the United States (US). The tragedy this time occurred just in time for the commemoration of US Independence Day. Reported AFP and CNN, Tuesday (5/7/2022), the shooting occurred in Chicago, Illiniois, United States, at 13:14, Monday (4/7) local time. A shooter is said to have opened fire during […]