Latvian rising pop star Emilija releases her debut album

17-year-old singer Emilija enters Latvian pop music with a five-song album “Augustā”. A single and video for the song “Atspulgs”, which is an Emily duo with singer Mikēlis Putniņš, is also released. The listeners got acquainted with the title song “August” already in May. The summer heat was released second single “Bites”, while with the […]

Young singer Emilija offers a painful hit “Bites”

The local young singer and songwriter Emilija has released her second single “Bites”, which is a harbinger of the upcoming debut EP “August” on August 25. It is a song about breaking out and finding your “right place”, about listening in your heart. I wanted to compare how bees look for meadows and flowers, so […]

Rising star Boo delights with a new hit – “I started from the beginning”

With the new song, the new local pop singer Būū has delighted her talent fans – her second single “I Started From the Beginning” went to the audience. The wider audience got to know Boow this spring when she released her first song “Saliva”, and Bouch’s revolutions are gaining momentum. “This is my break from […]

Richard Leper founded the musical association “Surfers on part-time”

With the sun, wind and sea waves, the musical association “Surfers on a part-time” goes to the listeners, the main members of which are Stanislavs Judins and Rihards Lepers. The association was formed in 2021, but the idea for this project was born in the 2018 surfing seminar, playing in the sea dunes – for […]

Listen! New song and video for the group “Credo”

After a long break, the popular band “Credo” has delighted its fans with a new musical performance – a new song “Lai!”, Which has also made a video, offers the appreciation of the general public. The new song “Lai!” tells of a contemplative today, which tomorrow will become yesterday. But this is not a reason […]

Listen! RAUM releases new song “Roof rides”

Latvian musician RAUM, real name Reinis Straume, has submitted a new song “Roof Rides” to the general public, for which a video version has also been made. After a successful solo career application with the song “Happy”, which was released at the end of March, RAUM continues its creative activity with a new composition “Roof […]

The group “audrú” offers the song “Nātres” | celebrities

Indie band audrú release the song “Nettles”, creating a magical summer night mood, and start working on the album “old stories”. The band “audrú” gained the attention of the general public in 2020 with the small album “the lighthouse trilogy”, which was nominated for the music recording award “Golden Microphone 2021” in the category “Best […]

Listen! The group “Other Boys” publishes a song about beautiful legs

The new home pop music contenders “Citi zēni”, singing the summer, offer a new single “Skaistās legs” from the upcoming debut album “Dogs go out on the streets”. “With the beginning of summer, in our opinion, changes are taking place not only in nature, but also in us. The whole world suddenly flourishes and stays […]

Olga Rajecka has a new song in the spring mood

Olga Rajecka, a local pop legend, has delighted her talent fans with a new song – a spring single “Lai top”, made in collaboration with music producer Ingars Viļums, went to the audience. The song was created in honor of spring to inspire everyone to dream in this unusual time. “I am very glad that […]

George Strap finally records a song created for him more than 30 years ago

In 1988, composer Helvijs Stengrevics, in collaboration with the poet Jānis Plotnieks, wrote the song “Birches in the Birth of Birches”, which was specially created for the singer Georg Siksn, tuned to his voice. Well, after 32 years, the song is given to the listeners. The song “Blossoms Birches in Birstal” with the words of […]