Electronic music festival “UNDER” announces the main artists

Alinka is one of the brightest and most relevant names on the modern house club scene. At the age of seven, she and her family emigrated from Soviet Ukraine to the United States, where they settled in Chicago. Alinka often visited the famous Smartbar, where she met Sean Jay Wright from Hercules & Love Affair, […]

PHOTO ⟩ The 40th anniversary concert of Mārčas Auziņš ended with a standing ovation

In the nearly two-hour long concert, the jubilee’s own compositions for the guitar, as well as his arrangements of works by other composers, were played. At the concert, the musical comrades of Mārča Auziņas – multi-artist Raimonds Macats, violinist Raimonds Ozols and singer Don – also took the stage. The concert ended with a magnificent […]