Latest iPhone Price List 6 September 2020: iPhone 7 iPhone 8 iPhone X to iPhone 11 Pro Max

JOURNAL – The high mobility makes a person’s need for smartphones bigger. One of the most recommended iPhone smartphones. This iOS-based smartphone technology provides many advantages, is exclusive, classy, ​​and of course has many functions that are of interest to its users. In addition, the selling price is high. Nothing wrong with the iPhone has […]

Apple would work on a prototype that turns your iPhone into a desktop Mac

It would be enough to connect the iPhone to a special port to convert it to a desktop Mac that runs MacOS With the popularity of smartphones, desktop computers are increasingly seen as a less necessary tool. It happens in the PC realm, and Apple She is not exempt with her Mac and iPhone. However, […]

Why is removing multitasking applications not a good idea?

What we believe may be beneficial is actually detrimental to your iOS device. Many times we think that having many applications open on our device can present difficulties for its battery and its operation in general. However, that theory is not entirely true. While it may be advisable to remove the applications from multitasking from […]

iOS 14 beta revealed that TikTok and other apps spy on your phone

In addition to TikTok, it was discovered that 7 other apps are reading private information of their users without permission. Bad news for tiktokers. The latest beta update for iOS 14 recently revealed that the popular short video app TikTok has been spying on your phone without you knowing. The new iOS beta detected that […]

Good plan iPhone Xs Max: 440 euros discount on the large Apple phone

Apple is suffering the brunt of the Coronavirus epidemic. The American giant, which planned to release several new devices in the coming weeks had to shut down its production lines, and postpone the release of some of its products like the iPhone SE 2. However, the difficulty in producing telephones did not affect all the […]