Apple warns iPhone 12 users of 3 problems with the wireless charger .. Know them

Apple has released new guidance on chargers MagSafe For phones IPhone 12The new chargers – which Apple unveiled earlier this month at its annual event – are magnetically attached to the back of the phones. iPhone 12 The new, and the goal since that is to make the wireless charging process more smooth, so in […]

IPhone 12 users are complaining about defects in their new phones. Know them

Stated location MacRumors Interested in Apple news and technologies that some phone users iPhone 12 El Jadida complained about defects in their devices, and according to the information provided by the site, some owners of phones iPhone 12 They indicated that they did not notice a big difference between the new phones and the iPhone […]

Beware .. if you see this signal, someone is spying on your phone

Last updated: Saturday 22 صفر 1442 هـ – October 10, 2020 KSA 18:34 – GMT 15:34 Publication date: Saturday 22 صفر 1442 هـ – October 10, 2020 KSA 14:55 – GMT 11:55 Source: London – The American company “Apple” was able to move for the first time towards uncovering the spying operations carried out […]