Netizens Compare Camera iPhone XR vs iPhone 14, Who Do You Support?

Jakarta – Few people compare the quality of the camera iPhone XR vs iPhone 14. Some even make a comparison of the two as content which of course is filled with comments from two different camps. If you search for TikTok with the keyword ‘iPhone XR vs iPhone 14‘, there are many videos comparing the […]

Latest leaks on iPhone SE 4 release date, budget iPhone with a plethora of updates

JOGLOSEMAR NEWS – iPhoneSE4 now it has become one of the devices that is often discussed by Fanboy Apple. Why not, the smartphone will reportedly be released soon and will bring a variety of update specs. Not a few gadget lovers then eagerly await the arrival of the manufactured product Apple this. Then when iPhoneSE4 […]

David Karwowski @ CASETiFY (FR)

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Officially shared iOS 16.0.2 update, fix unresponsive screen

Update iOS 16 codenamed iOS 16.0.2 was shared by Apple a few hours ago. This update comes about 2 weeks later update iOS 16 shared with general users. Previously, Apple had released the iOS 16.0.1 update, but it was distributed specifically to users of the device i phone Only 14 series. But now for iOS […]

Malin Uttamobol @ CASETiFY (FR)

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