Meta makes it easy to switch accounts between Instagram and Facebook

Meta is testing a new dynamic that will simplify the transition between Instagram and Facebook accounts. To do this, Meta proposes an Account Center to have connected profiles, which will make it easy to switch from an Instagram account to a Facebook account, or vice versa, with a simple step. So you can switch between […]

This is How to Pin Instagram Posts on Android and iPhone

Zoom in – All videos on Instagram are now Reels (Photo: Instagram Blog). – Previously, Meta Facebook introduced tools new to expand the way users collaborate with other users on Instagram Reels. This update is certainly done by the company as part of its strategy to compete with TikTok. You can remix not only videos, […]

Instagram Quietly Increases Minimum Daily Deadline

Jakarta – In recent years, Instagram and Facebook have offered a way for users to see how long they have spent using their app each day, as well as the option for users to set a time limit for their daily usage. But now it seems Instagram has increased the minimum daily time setting to […]

Instagram adds new controls to manage our activity

Instagram is adding a new function that will make it easier to manage all the details related to your activity within the platform. So instead of manually searching and deleting content that you don’t want to appear on your profile, you can delete it from one place. New function in Instagram to manage our activity […]

Instagram Makes Overhaul of Video Features, Rivals TikTok’s Popularity

loading… Instagram announced that it is now possible for users to mix or remix publicly accessible video content instead of just using Reels as before. Photos/gadgetstouse INSTAGRAM has announced major changes to the way it shares video on the platform. Instagram announced that it is now possible for users to “mix” or remix publicly accessible […]

No More Swipe, Instagram Tests IG Scroll Story Feature Similar to TikTok

KONTAN.CO.ID – Not anymore swipe, Instagram feature trial scroll story Similar IG on TikTok. In this trial, Instagram users simply did scroll to see story Instagram. One of platform social media that makes users reluctant to leave the screen smartphone, namely Instagram again showing its latest overhaul. Although still in the testing phase, Instagram will […]

Instagram Tries New Features, Can Edit Profile Grid Layout

JAKARTA, – Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature that lets users rearrange profile grid posts. Although this feature is still under development, a well-known leaker, Alessandro Paluzzi, managed to enable it prior to rollout to wide users. In his recent tweet, Paluzzi shared two screenshots showing the edit feature layout grid profil. […]

Instagram Tests New Feature of 60 Second Video Without Pause

loading… Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow users to post videos up to 60 seconds long. Photo/doc JAKARTA – Instagram is testing a new feature that allows users to post videos up to 60 seconds long as a single, uncut upload every 15 seconds. Quoted from Indian Express, Thursday (12/16/2021), Instagram does […]

Lack of Users, Instagram Turns Off Messages Application Threads

Jakarta – In 2019 Instagram launched Threads, a standalone messaging app without being part of the Instagram app like Facebook Messenger. But unfortunately the Threads app will no longer be available until the end of 2021. This was confirmed by Instagram’s parent company Meta as reported by detikINET from The Verge. The Threads app will […]