Meta makes it easy to switch accounts between Instagram and Facebook

Meta is testing a new dynamic that will simplify the transition between Instagram and Facebook accounts.

To do this, Meta proposes an Account Center to have connected profiles, which will make it easy to switch from an Instagram account to a Facebook account, or vice versa, with a simple step.

So you can switch between Instagram and Facebook accounts

As you see in the image above, Half wants users to be able to switch from their Instagram account to their Facebook account, or vice versa, from the same interface. That is, users will not have to open and close applications or manage different logins to switch platforms.

A dynamic similar to what we find, for example, on Instagram when we have several linked accounts. Instagram does not ask you to log out and log in with another account, since it allows you to jump between your different accounts from the selector that we find in the same interface. With that ease you can switch accounts between Facebook and Instagram.

If you use this new Meta tool and link your Instagram and Facebook profiles, you can switch between apps with one simple action. As you can see in the image, all your Instagram profiles and, on the other hand, your Facebook profiles will be displayed. So you just have to choose which profile and app you want to enter and that’s it.

And as an extra, you will see that the number of pending notifications in each Instagram and Facebook profile is shown in the Account Center. So, if you are not that active on social networks, but want to be aware of notifications, you can take a look at this interface.

You will be able to see if you have any comments or any kind of notification pending in any of the linked accounts. This new dynamic is already being tested on the web, iOS and Android.

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