Homeownership in Krefeld has risen by 85 percent in five years

August 17, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Immowelt study : Homeownership in Krefeld has risen by 85 percent in five years Apartments in Krefeld have become considerably more expensive in the past five years. Photo: Jens Voss Krefeld According to a study by Immowelt, the silk city ranks eleventh among 77 major German cities with the […]

Rents are stabilizing in Munich and Frankfurt, Berlin with a plus of 2 percent

Nuremberg (ots) – These are the results of the 1st edition of the immowelt rental compass for the 2nd quarter of 2021: – In 8 of 14 major cities examined, rents are stagnating or falling compared with the previous quarter– After the rent cap: In Berlin, asking rents rose by 2 percent– Breather in Munich, […]

Buy or rent?

Frankfurt Many Germans quarrel with themselves: should they buy an apartment? Or have the prices become so expensive after the year-long boom in the real estate market that one would rather stay a tenant? The online portal Immowelt tried to find an answer to this question and compared purchase prices and rents in 75 major […]

What providers and tenants now have to consider

Frankfurt It’s an image that many in big cities have gotten used to. If a cheap advertisement comes up, 100 people are often queuing to view the apartment in order to convince real estate agents and landlords of themselves or at least to take them into the narrower circle of applicants. But the corona crisis […]

Where the prices are highest

Evening light over the Munich Frauenkirche In the Bavarian capital, the prices for condominiums rose by eight percent. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The corona crisis has not slowed the price increase on the real estate market – on the contrary. In the last year of the crisis, the purchase prices of condominiums in 75 of the […]

Real estate market: apartment prices continue to rise

New development area in Frankfurt am Main In the Main metropolis, more was and is being built. This is noticeable in the price development. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt For years, property prices in major German cities have only known one direction: up. This will not change for the time being: In 2021, the purchase prices for […]

Rents are rising everywhere – except in Berlin

Frankfurt The experts at the online real estate portal Immowelt do not have good news for many tenants, but they do for landlords: The prices for apartments will rise in most German cities this year, the market observers predict in a current study. “The corona crisis has shown how stable the residential property market is: […]

Rent: Despite rents in Germany continue to rise despite the corona crisis – politics

Living in Germany is getting more and more expensive! Despite the corona pandemic, rental prices continue to rise in most cities. Despite the resulting job insecurities, landlords have not suspended upcoming rent increases. This is shown by a current analysis by Immowelt for 80 major German cities. In four-fifths of all major cities, prices per […]