“Lebanese, here’s a cost-free method to conquer depression and anxiety!”

Successive crises hit the Lebanese.. Permanent daily shocks are inevitable in a country reeling from the impact of a loose dollar that does not know stability and does not tire of rising. Here, the citizen is floundering with worries and problems. Nothing is the same and the simplest requirements require a tremendous effort to obtain. […]

“Milan Leads European Economic Rebound with Impressive 2.36% Growth”

The fear triggered by the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank seems, at least for now, to have passed. Stock exchanges on both sides of the Atlantic advance strongly with gains of more than 2% thanks to the banks that are regaining momentum and US inflation in line with expectations. Piazza Affari tries […]

Concern over Kevin Durant’s injury

01/09/2023 at 12:17 CET The player left the game against the Heat when Jimmy Buttler fell to his knees The attacker will undergo an MRI scan during today’s session, which will determine the extent of the disturbance and establish an approximate period of absence Red alert on the Nets when Kevin Durant He had to […]

Cardiovascular disease is more common than you suspect

Quitting smoking, losing weight, getting enough exercise, and eating a healthy diet can actually reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease The model used by primary care physicians to predict the likelihood that someone will develop cardiovascular disease within ten years underestimates the number of people who will actually develop it. The risk is one and […]

AI-enhanced uterine cancer diagnosis

DNA changes in a tumor determine the behavior of the tumor and the course of the disease Using microscopic images of a tumor to see what DNA changes are present in the tumor and thus determine what type of uterine cancer the patient has. This is impossible for a human eye. That’s why pathologists at […]

Health. Should You Worry About High Triglycerides?

The holidays are coming… and so are triglycerides. We can have too many of these lipids from the liver’s processing of sugars and alcohol for genetic reasons. Because we are deprived of the enzyme that degrades them. But it remains outstanding. “This deficiency is often more measured or the enzyme simply less efficient,” describes Professor […]

Exposure to pertussis improves response to a booster vaccine

The Netherlands has been vaccinating the population against whooping cough since 1957 Older children have more antibodies to pertussis bacteria than younger children because they are exposed to the pathogen more often. They also show a stronger immune response after a pertussis booster vaccination. Exposure is therefore an important factor in the timing and efficacy […]

First signs of liver cancer previously detected by the new algorithm

The new score signals much earlier that something alarming is happening with these patients’ liver cells: incipient liver cancer This week, Erasmus MC was one of the first hospitals in the world to start using a new diagnostic score to detect early signs of liver cancer. The score — called GAAD — is designed for […]