Ates Kara: We can come to the top in 10 days!

Scientific Committee Member Ates Kara made evaluations about corona virus in RS FM with Atilla Güner in the Evening Post program. Kara used the following expressions in his statements: * Our case numbers, which we have newly diagnosed in the last 4 to 6 days, are around 4 thousand fixed. This is good for us. […]

Mars pictures: pictures of the red planet show amazing things

The legendary red planet offers me various amazing motifs on its surface? But which are the most beautiful pictures of Mars? We’ll show you. With its rough, mysterious surface, the red planet does not only offer a lot for scientists. Because artists should also be interested in the motifs that he gives. So the real […]

Kojima Productions: does the studio tease a Silent Hill game?

Kojima Productions released late last year on PS4 Death Stranding, his first game as an independent studio far from Konami. Hideo Kojima got kicked out of the studio as he plunged into Silent Hills, canceled in stride. What if the two firms had since reconciled? This is what some clues suggest, notably a recent tweet […]

Silent Hill: Konami responds to rumors, there is hope

Konami has he finally decided to improve his coat of arms with players by betting on his old cult licenses? As a reminder, rumors have been reporting for two days of two games silent Hill in development, a reboot and a narrative adventure game. Quite rare, facing these noises from the corridors, Konami took the […]

Dollar price today in Colombia January 24, 2020 | Finance | Economy

The dollar in Colombia He won 47 pesos during the week and closed this Friday at an average price of $ 3,367. Only today he won 14 pesos against the TRM of the day that was $ 3,353. The US currency started on Monday with a Representative Market Rate of $ 3,320. The fall in […]