Second Bundesliga: Holstein Kiel overtakes HSV

HOlstein Kiel has made the hoped-for leap to third place in the 2nd Bundesliga. Three days after the 0: 5 package in the cup semifinals at Borussia Dortmund, coach Ole Werner’s team was well recovered on his 33rd birthday.

After the deserved 2-0 (1-0) in the league catch-up game over SV Sandhausen thanks to goals from Fin Bartels (22nd minute) and Janni Serra (69th), the “storks” moved past their north rivals HSV to the relegation rank . The SVS, on the other hand, expanded its negative club record to ten away games in a row and is still stuck in the relegation zone.

“I am incredibly proud of the team,” said Kiel’s sports director Uwe Stöver after the important three on Sky TV. “After the long compulsory Corona quarantine breaks, she scored seven points against well-formed sand houses and Nuremberg residents, and also in Osnabrück,” added the former professional. The ambitious North Germans don’t want to worry too much about their positive table situation, at least not officially. Stöver: “It’s going on in quick succession. We concentrate on ourselves and then see what comes out of it in the end. “

In their fourth competitive game, after two 14-day corona quarantines, the Kiel team determined what was going on right from the start. Bartels missed a good chance early (7th), but used his second opportunity after captain Hauke ​​Wahl’s class pass to take the lead. Emanuel Taffertshofer (29th) and Julius Biada (38th) wanted to equalize this, but goalkeeper Thomas Dähne was there both times. Serra (45th) missed the second goal on the other side.

After the change, Kiel’s Jonas Meffert (49th) and Sandhauser Taffertshofer (60th) tried each other with shots, but they didn’t bring anything. Then the hosts picked up the pace again, but first Ahmet Arslan failed to goalkeeper Stefanos Kapino, then Bartels aimed far too high with his margin (67th). After a very remarkable counterattack initiated by Jae-sung Lee, Serra ensured the decision and the performance-based home win for Schleswig-Holstein with a great lob over goalkeeper Kapino and a goal of the month.


Düsseldorf draws level with HSV

FOrtuna Düsseldorf dreams of returning to the Bundesliga after a heart attack. Uwe Rösler’s team won their catch-up game against Karlsruher SC with a last-minute goal by Shinta Appelkamp (90th + 5) with 3: 2 (1: 1) and drew level with third-placed Hamburger SV on points. The HSV had dismissed its coach Daniel Thioune on Monday, the veteran Horst Hrubesch took over.

Fortuna made life difficult for itself for a long time: At the front, she pressed the opening goal, at the back Kevin Danso (9th) underwent an own goal after a cross. The equalization by Dawid Kownacki’s sixth goal of the season (35th, penalty kick) was deserved, Philip Heise had brought Felix Klaus down. Brandon Borrello (73.), who had recently been substituted on, scored the 2-1, Marvin Wanitzek equalized with a penalty (80.).

KSC failed to hit the opposing goal in the first half, and the Düsseldorf team missed a few more opportunities. “We have been missing the opportunities for the whole season,” said Fortuna board member Klaus Allofs at Sky. In the second half, the hosts increased the risk more and more and were rewarded late.

The big unknown in the promotion race is Holstein Kiel, which has two points behind HSV and Düsseldorf and has three games to play.


Ex-player Walace – “HSV was run incorrectly”

Hamburger SV is in a crisis, promotion to the Bundesliga threatens to fail. It would be the continuation of a misery that began many years ago. Ex-players also suffered from this.

Walace is sitting in front of the computer screen with a big grin when the video call starts. “Hello, how are you?” He says in broken German and laughs. The Brazilian played in Germany for two and a half years. One and a half for HSV, another for Hannover 96. Walace Souza Silva, so Walace’s full name, had a broad grin like on the computer screen, but rarely in the Bundesliga. He was relegated with both Hamburg and Hanover.

The time was not easy for him, especially at HSV. He had three coaches in the 18 months at the club. Again and again he had to change his game. There was also unrest away from the lawn. Walace hits the headlines, is sanctioned by the club and has to fight his way back.

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Two years ago he left the Bundesliga and Germany behind. Hanover sold it to Udinese Calcio. And in Italy he knew how to convince, playing his way into the starting eleven of Oliver Bierhoff’s ex-club. Today, Sunday, he meets Juventus Turin with his team and was available for an interview beforehand.

t-online: Walace, you’ve been playing in Italy for two years now. How are you doing in Serie A?

Walace (26): Very good. Serie A is different from the Bundesliga. This is more about tactics and technique, which suits my game. In addition, the championship is very competitive. All in all, I feel very comfortable here.

In the Bundesliga, many teams focus on pressing their opponents.

That’s the way it is. That’s what I mean by the differences between the leagues. As a player, you have to adapt with your skills. If you can’t do that, it will be difficult.

Your time at Hamburger SV was also considered difficult. How do you look back on your time in Germany?

I was 21 years old when I moved to Hamburg. New country, new language, that was tough for me at the beginning. But I like these challenges because I can grow from them. And that’s how I continued to develop in Germany and I’m grateful for the time.

Markus Gisdol (left) brought Walace to Hamburg, but was no longer his coach after a year. (Source: Oliver Ruhnke / imago images)

At the beginning you played a lot in Hamburg, but over time it got less and you were criticized for being undisciplined. Did you feel you were treated wrong?

At that time, HSV did not have the right mentality and vision, it was led incorrectly. Such a big club should have treated us players differently. In the area of ​​communication in particular, things did not go well. Too little was spoken to us.

There were also many coach changes during your time. You came to the club under Markus Gisdol, a year later Bernd Hollerbach was your coach, who was fired for Christian Titz after two months. However, they did not get any stakes under Titz.

That was a big problem for all players. There were always new coaches who had different ideas. Titz wanted me to be the central defender and I told him I had never played that before. I was uncomfortable with the thought. I suggested helping off the bench as a substitute for midfield. Then I didn’t play a minute for HSV and was sold to Hanover in the summer.

You and the club had imagined your time in Hamburg to be different. You finally came to HSV as an Olympic champion.

The gold medal was the best moment in my career. In general, 2016 was a great year for me because I won the Brazilian Cup with Gremio Porto Alegre. To win the Olympics on top of that was fantastic.

Walace (left) in the Olympic final against Germany's Nils Petersen.  (Source: imago images / Eibner)Walace (left) in the Olympic final against Germany’s Nils Petersen. (Source: Eibner / imago images)

You made your last international match for Brazil at the end of 2018. Do you think that you can play for the Selecao again?

I hope so (knocks three times on the table). I miss playing for my country. But to do that, I have to call up my performance here at Udinese.

How much does playing without a spectator influence you? In Italy, too, it’s been over a year since the stadiums were full.

I’m really looking forward to when fans can finally be there again. When you play in front of fans, you feel like you’re not just playing for the team and the club, but for the people. It also gives me so much more strength and motivation to have spectators in the stadium.

And you could use them on Sunday when you meet Juventus Turin with Udinese. After nine championship titles in a row, Juve will not win the championship this year. How does that change the game?

It’s always difficult against Juventus. The team is very strong and is still fighting for the Champions League qualification. But I believe we can beat them.

Walace (left) in the first leg against Juventus Turin and Cristiano Ronaldo.  (Source: imago images / Sportimage)Walace (left) in the first leg against Juventus Turin and Cristiano Ronaldo. (Source: Sportimage / imago images)

How are you going to do it?

With personality and mentality. We have to play aggressively on the pitch right from the start. With the right feel for the game, we will notice when our chance is good to catch them. Then we can win.