Poland’s President Duda is finally pulling the rip cord

Andrzej Duda Opponent to the government. Luckily. (Foto: imago images/Eastnews) It is a victory for common sense: Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has vetoed an anti-European law by the ruling national-populist government. The media law, which would exclude non-European radio and television stations such as the popular TVN24 channel, cannot come into force. Spicy: Duda belongs to […]

Biden addresses Case Peng Shuai

US President Joe Biden gives a speech The US President is concerned about the tennis player. (Photo: AP) Washington/Peking/Paris US President Joe Biden is “deeply concerned” about the fate of Peng Shuai, China’s state media are using video clips that seem strange in some cases to counter the growing outrage around the world. The case […]

US Congress warns of “high risk for investors” in China

Joe Biden At the beginning of the week, the US President and the Chinese head of state met for a virtual meeting. (Photo: AP) Washington An important body of the US Congress is pushing for drastic measures against economic ties with China. In its annual report published on Wednesday, the bipartisan US-China Economic and Security […]

France arrests British fishing boat

It was only on Wednesday evening that the French government announced that from November 2nd, British fishing boats would no longer be allowed to moor in certain French ports. In addition, France will systematically check the safety of British boats in the future. Trucks driving from France to Great Britain or in the opposite direction […]

No chance for Britain to join the North American trade pact

Boris Johnson The British government does not come up with free trade pacts as easily as it has thought. Image: Reuters Washington/London According to a foreign trade expert, Great Britain currently has little prospect of participating in large trade alliances. “Accession to the CPTPP trade pact of the Pacific countries and above all to the […]

The USA and Europe are at odds

“The world does not belong to the globalists, but to the patriots.” With this provocation, the then US President Donald Trump in 2019 offended the United Nations (UN), which was meeting in New York. Two years later, Trump’s successor Joe Biden promises: “America is back. We believe in the United Nations and its values. ” […]

Is a war between the great powers inevitable?

In 2034, the United States and China will be embroiled in a series of military conflicts that lead to the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Other countries – including Russia, Iran, and India – are drawn in. Suddenly the world is on the brink of World War III. This scenario is portrayed in “2034: A […]

Science & Technology: Laschet in Poland: Commemoration of Warsaw Uprising

Armin Laschet On the anniversary of the start of the Warsaw Uprising, Armin Laschet recalled Germany’s responsibility for the Second World War. Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa (Photo: dpa) Courageous women and men had opposed the Nazi barbarism and the occupation of Poland, said Laschet shortly before at the memorial of the Little Insurgent in […]

Companies face headwinds – Hong Kong IPOs more attractive

Peking, New York, Washington The Chinese regulators continue to put their tech companies under pressure. As the powerful cyberspace regulator Chinese Administration of Cyberspace (CAC) announced on Saturday, companies with data from more than one million users will be checked separately for their security before they are allowed to issue shares on a foreign stock […]