No major disturbances, but mayors are calling for a ban on fireworks

Rob Engeler ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 19:51•Edited today, 20:11 At the turn of last year, according to police massive riots from. Despite this, today doctors and mayors are calling for a nationwide ban on fireworks. Mayor Halsema of Amsterdam has “another urgent appeal” to the cabinet to introduce a nationwide ban on fireworks after the end of the […]

Record sales of fireworks blown off the books: €110 million this year | Economy

31 dec 2022 om 18:16Update: 3 uur geleden A record amount of fireworks were purchased this year. According to the Interest Association Pyrotechniek Nederland (BPN), the fireworks dealers had a turnover of 110 million euros. The sales record so far was between 2019 and 2020, when fireworks worth 77 million euros were launched. The next […]

Fireworks shows also canceled in Hilversum and Amsterdam due to strong winds | inland

Saturday night fireworks displays in Hilversum and Amsterdam were also canceled as stormy winds are forecast. Previously, Zoetermeer, Apeldoorn and The Hague, among others, already attracted disconnect the fireworks shows scheduled at the turn of the year. In Hilversum, the shows would take place at 7.30pm and midnight. The rest of the New Year’s program […]

Fireworks on New Year’s Eve: How long can I shoot? | life and knowledge

After two years without legal fireworks, the thunderous burning of firecrackers and rockets has started again. While some throw up their hands in disbelief and find the annual bang annoying, others wait in line for hours to spend thousands of euros on fireworks. But since when and where can rockets, frogs and the like actually […]

Police: ‘Enforcing fireworks ban is not a priority’ | New Year’s Eve

31 dec 2022 om 05:25 In twelve municipalities it is not allowed to light fireworks during this New Year’s Eve. There are fireworks-free zones in other places. Will the police write tickets if the fireworks are set off? This is unlikely, police chief Peije de Meij told “Execution is not a priority for the […]