4th of July – Spectacular fireworks over New York City – Panorama

© Reuters 4th of July – Spectacular fireworks display over New York City Straight from the Reuters video channel – In the United States and New York City, Independence Day is traditionally celebrated with a large fireworks display. For 25 minutes, spectators admired the rockets over the Big Apple. Nearly 50,000 firecrackers exploded in the […]

What Are the Laws – NBC New York (47)

The celebration of Independence Day in the United States on July 4 is characterized by fireworks displays in which friends and family gather to celebrate the date. However, during this holiday weekend, many decide to use fireworks, which without proper precautions can be dangerous. Also, each state has its own laws and it is important […]

A camera filmed dealer Al Ghazi killing a man over fireworks

– – Denis Mustafa Kamel al-Ghazzi was not released from court. PHOTO: RUMYANA TONEVA – A camera has detected Denis Mustafa Kamel al-Ghazi fatally stabbing Ilian Iliev on January 9 in Sofia over fireworks. This became clear on Monday in the Sofia City Court, which refused to release the accused for the murder. He asked […]

Girl injured by fireworks – fvn.no

In Øyslebøy, a girl in her mid-teens suffered burns when young people played with fireworks. – LINDESNES: – There were a number of young people gathered at the school, and a number of fireworks were set off. The girl who was injured called her parents who in turn called us. She has now been taken […]

In Berlin, thousands of people did not wait for the festive fireworks

Photo: DPA In Berlin, fireworks were only for television – – Several thousand people came to the Brandenburg Gate in anticipation of the spectacle, but it was canceled due to quarantine. In Berlin, on New Year’s Eve, several thousand people gathered near the Brandenburg Gate for a festive fireworks display, but it was canceled. It […]

A 23-year-old died in an explosion of New Year’s fireworks in Austria

– – PHOTO: pixabay – A 23-year-old man was killed in a New Year’s fireworks explosion in Austria, DPA reported, citing information from the Austrian news agency APA. A 21-year-old man was seriously injured in the explosion. A 19-year-old woman and another man were slightly injured. The tragic outcome was reached on a meadow in […]

In the Netherlands, a child dies while watching fireworks go off

Photo: telegraaf.nl Child dies when fireworks are launched in the Netherlands – – A grown man used a hammer to launch a homemade fireworks display during a street party. In the east of the Netherlands, in the town of Haxbergen, a man launched a homemade fireworks display. 12-year-old boy who watched the action was fatally […]