Pugacheva in a trendy maxi coat and boots with heels walked around Moscow

Anastasia Moryleva Julia Todorovich The singer chose a monochrome look for the prom. Her autumn outfit was appreciated by stylist and image maker Larisa Timiryaeva. Alla Pugacheva. Photo: instagram.com/maxgalkinru/ Alla Pugacheva this year it celebrated its 72nd anniversary. The artist does not stop following her appearance and figure. She admitted that she was trying to […]

widow Tabakov in a satin dress to the floor appeared on the red carpet

Julia Todorovich The actress could not miss the closing ceremony of the Sochi Film Festival. For this occasion, she chose a feminine outfit. Marina Zudina. Photo: instagram.com/marinazudina_official/ Marina Zudina several years ago she survived the death of Oleg Tabakov. She was next to the great artist until the last days of his life. At first, […]

Kudryavtseva in a black suit with a print and sneakers took to the streets of Moscow

Julia Todorovich The 50-year-old TV presenter showed off her everyday look, which her friends appreciated. Lera Kudryavtseva. Photo: instagram.com/leratv/ Lera Kudryavtseva celebrated its anniversary this year. The famous TV presenter did not throw a grand party. But she spent most of the summer with her family. In the company of her husband Igor Makarov and […]

Pugacheva and Galkin brought children to the holiday

Julia Todorovich Alla Pugacheva threw a Star Wars-style party for the twins. The kids had fun celebrating their 8th birthday. Lisa and Harry Galkin. Photo: instagram.com/maxgalkinru/ In the castle in the village of Gryaz there is a holiday again. On September 18, the children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin celebrate their birthday. From year […]

Topuria in a trapeze cloak and jeans with collars focused on the ankles

Julia Todorovich The soloist of the A’Studio group shared footage from the trip. She showed off her fall outfit. Katie Topuria. Photo: instagram.com/keti_one_official/ Katie Topuria does not hide that he follows fashion. At the same time, she admitted that she wears only what suits her. Not so long ago, the soloist of the group “A’Studio” […]

Kamenskikh in flared trousers with a slim effect and a vest emphasized her figure

Julia Todorovich The singer in a new image showed off for the camera. She decided to experiment with the image. Nastya Kamenskikh. Photo: instagram.com/kamenskux/ Nastya Kamenskikh has long been a popular performer. If earlier she performed in a duet with Potap, now the brunette is building a solo career. The singer married Potap, so he […]

Mom’s size: Malakhov showed an “unsuccessful” photo of the recovered Buzova

Julia Todorovich The TV presenter presented a new song. She celebrated this event with her mother, but Andrei Malakhov came to her unexpectedly. Olga Buzova. Photo: instagram.com/buzova86/ Olga Buzova is one of the most popular people in the country. She regularly tries her hand at new projects. The TV presenter recently left her post at […]

Buzova in a bodice of triangles boldly bared her chest. Photo

Julia Todorovich The TV presenter surprised fans with her transformed figure. Olga Buzova. Photo: instagram.com/buzova86/ Olga Buzova for many years he has been broadcasting and starring in various projects. This year she left the show “Dom-2”. The girl decided to change her life. She began to vacation more often abroad, participate in new shows and […]

Fedorova in a silhouette dress with a flowing train was noted at the Dresden ball

Julia Todorovich The winner of beauty contests became the host of the ball, which took place in St. Petersburg. She changed several images. Oksana Fedorova. Photo: instagram.com/fedorovaoksana/ Oksana Fedorova became famous, as she participated in beauty contests and even won the prestigious Miss Universe contest, but she did not wear the crown for long. Later […]

Without makeup, with a puffy face: Brezhnev showed how Meladze loves her

Julia Todorovich The singer was not afraid to post pictures where she appeared not in the best outfits and even from a not very impressive angle. Vera Brezhneva. Photo: instagram.com/ververa/ Vera Brezhneva has been performing on stage for a long time. At one time she was very young when she got into the “VIA Gra” […]