Fall Fashion: Styling Scarves and Shawls for 2023

Fall Fashion: Styling Scarves and Shawls for 2023

What about scarves and shawls? Someone hates them and would rather freeze. Another needs them for the cold, but doesn’t really know how to style them, and then he feels like he’s from the year 2000 in them. And another loves these fashion pieces and wears them as often as possible. If you’re wondering how to embrace the fashionable “scarfing” this year, take a look at what’s being worn right now.

Oversized scarf

The bigger the better! Feel free to wear the biggest plaids you can find at home, ideally ones that look almost like blankets – that is, they don’t have the traditional fringes at the ends. Wrap the scarf around your neck and throw one end nonchalantly over your shoulder: that’s exactly how it’s worn this fall.

And the trendy twist of 2023? Match the scarf with the color of the top and, of course, with the hat as well. The tone-on-tone outfit is one of the current hot trends. However, you can also try it in another way: choose a cream scarf for a black coat, which in combination with blue jeans and red lipstick will act as a timeless French combination.

Narrow scarf

Aren’t you tempted to hit the streets wrapped in a scarf like a blanket? Then you might be enchanted by another autumn fad: a narrow cup or a small scarf. It is worn as an original textile necklace, which will not warm you up much, but will add an interesting point to the outfit. Combine them with an oversized jacket, a trendy vest, a simple cardigan or blouse. (If you search the internet for inspiration, you’ll find it under the words “skinny scarf”.)

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Want to be really trendy? Get a rose around your neck. You can often find it attached to a thin scarf or string. 3D flowers as fashion decorations are in this year!

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Trendy scarves and shawls: From left: Burberry fashion show for autumn/winter 2023. Paris and Milan fashion week and satin scarf and thin cup in the main rolePhoto: Profimedia.cz, Gettyimages.com

Elegant scarf

A fine satin or silk scarf is a timeless piece and probably every woman has at least one. It can make an outfit special and give it a touch of discreet luxury. You can decorate your wrist or handbag with it, but if you want to keep warm, of course, wrap it around your neck. There are many ways to do this. Wrap it like a Priessnitz wrap to create a satin choker. Or just tie it in a knot and let the ends flow freely.

For example, wear a classic jacket and cigarette pants. But if you want the outfit to have a more contemporary, modern feel, choose an oversized sweater or sweatshirt. A shirt with a looser leather bomber will also be a nice combination, and wear moccasins with a massive sole. The scarf can also be tied over a turtleneck, giving it a fresh twist thanks to a different color or pattern!

Autumn shopping

Check out the beautiful and interesting scarves and shawls that you can get in stores right now. Do you like it?

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