7 Famous Actors Who Have Never Been Nominated for an Oscar

Jakarta – Oscar 2023 presented a surprise with several new names that managed to taste their first nomination. Not only that, they are even the favorites to bring home the trophy. Starting from Michelle Yeoh until Ke Huy Quan became a strong candidate and representative from Asia in the event. But did you know that […]

They caught Jennifer López touring luxurious mansions in California

The search for houses to live in has become an odyssey for Ben Affleck y Jennifer Lopez since they resumed their relationship, since they have not been able to find the mansion that they like in the state of California. What are they doing Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck and California? According to sources close […]

The first response from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez after rumors of their separation

Clever Irons Friday, February 10, 2023 01:00 AM Binary response Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez on all the rumors that affected their relationship during the recent period regarding their separation, and the existence of severe crises between them, especially those shots at the last Grammy ceremony, whether when Affleck appeared to frown in a large […]

Hollywood Cougars: 10 Women Who Dated Younger Men

In the “animal” kingdom of Hollywood, there is one breed of romantic relationships that the media does not fail to pay attention to – those between older women and much younger men. Usually, these are 40-year-old celebrities who are nicknamed “cougars” because they have found partners at least 10 years younger. They are terribly attractive […]

The 11 richest women in entertainment. A Colombian on the Vea magazine list

Rihanna, $1.7 billion Robyn Rihanna Fenty, at 34, is not only a singer, she is also a successful businesswoman and it is precisely from her underwear and lingerie companies, which sell Savage by Fenty and Fenty Beautiful, that most of her impressive fortune comes, which places her as the celebrity richest woman on the planet […]

Order coffee, this woman is surprised to be served by Ben Affleck and J.Lo Page all

KOMPAS.com – What happens if a well-known celebrity becomes an impromptu employee at a cafe or restaurant and provides us with services? This is what happened to a woman named Lisa Mackay. Mackay said he was surprised when he found the actor Ben Affleck “work” as an officer drive-thru Of Dunkin’ Donuts which he visited […]

Jennifer Lopez as she returns to work in a Hollywood studio

The paparazzi spotted the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez And she’s totally in style when she arrived at a Hollywood studio while wearing the 53-year-old’s signature winter outfit. And then I participated Jennifer Lopez Some highlights from her vacation with her husband Ben Affleck and their family took to Instagram earlier in the day, where […]