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The New Trend: Slingback Loafers – A Combination of Elegance and Comfort

Do you feel that the footwear industry can no longer surprise you with anything new? Maybe we’ll lead you astray when we introduce you to another new trend. It is an unusual combination of open-heeled shoes called slingbacks and classic moccasins or so-called loafers, which look very similar but differ in their low heel.

Elegance for trousers and dresses

You can find trendy pairs in a variety of designs and colors. Sometimes they are more robust, but most often they are similar to moccasins in the front and pumps in the back – because they have a higher, sometimes very elegant heel. It can be narrow, but also blocky, which is certainly a more comfortable option.

It is suitable for ladies who prefer both casual outfits and a business look. More conservative and practical natures can reach for basic colors such as universal black and beige, but to liven up simple dresses and suits, try bolder shades or metallic highlights.

The star trend according to Taylor Swift

In the summer, the singer Taylor Swift also brought this trend. She appeared on the streets of New York while heading to the recording studio, and her fans were also impressed by the interesting footwear. She paired slingback loafers with high-waisted denim shorts and a floral top. Distinctive shoes made of shiny leather with a rounded toe are from the brand Reformation and cost approximately 5,660 CZK. As an accessory, the singer chose Stella McCartney tortoiseshell sunglasses.

The prettiest moccasins with a strap across the heel

Take a look at the Taylor Swift photo gallery as well as the fashionable pairs that you can get from us at the moment. Do you like this trend or will you stick with classic moccasins and pumps?

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2023-09-21 03:00:30
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