Winamp plans to return – but in what form?

Winamp was launched in 1997 and took the PC world by storm. Hardly anyone who had a PC at home in the late 1990s and early 2000s lacked the media player that was completely synonymous with mp3 files and windows. Then the development slowed down and Apple’s iTunes became popular even among Windows users who […]

Endless mental cinema

Do. 04.11.2021 Endless mental cinema A weekend packed with impressive stories, inspiring characters and still inspiring authors. This is BuchBasel 2021. The Basel Literature Festival is back and we are right in the middle of it. by Julia Brogli 11/21/04 BuchBasel 2021 Culture tip for the BuchBasel 2021 literature festival BuchBasel sets a new focus […]

Stream Winner Alternative DJ Mag Top 100 Stream (November 2020) by Charlotte de Witte

Watch the full stream here: @charlottedewittemusic @CharlottedWitte The DJ Mag Alternative Top 100 is powered by Beatport. Comment by Basti megaaa 2021-10-28T05:43:34Z Comment by Basti 🥳👌🥰 2021-10-28T05:42:38Z 🥰 2021-10-18T00:36:58Z Omg… 😎💞🥂💞 2021-10-17T09:49:42Z Comment by LMN jheez 2021-09-28T08:58:24Z Hey Charly 🙂 You have the Track ID for me? 2021-09-18T12:58:34Z

Podcasts will try to distribute software through audio

Once upon a time, software was stored on cassette tapes. Now that time is back. At least if you can believe the podcast Radiolab’s new project Mixtape. Part of the project is to try to send out software through audio again through the podcast section, so that the code can be received by compatible computers. […]

Biden admits mysterious Havana syndrome

US President Joe Biden Photo: Reuters Police in Germany are investigating two cases of Havana Syndrome – attacks with sound weapons, among employees of the US Embassy in Berlin, and because of the increasing number of cases around the world, Joe Biden signed a decree to help victims of mysterious incidents, the New York Times […]

Advance ticket sales for Mendelssohn Music Days 2021

MTK-News by Adolf Albus (15.09.2021) It still takes around five weeks before the first bars of this year’s Mendelssohn Days of Music can be heard. At the beginning on Saturday, October 23, 2021, the Pelzer dance school will be transformed into the Venetian Piazza San Marco – with Italian flair, light classical music and southern […]

New York, capital of the world | Blog Paco Nadal

This is a city that we know very well thanks to the magic of cinema, television and music. Although this, sometimes, more than a help is a problem because you are in danger of living in a already seen I continue and don’t stop repeating yourself … “This sounds familiar to me or I’ve already […]