Hundreds of people at the Holocaust memorial in Amsterdam | Interior

29 jan 2023 om 12:53Update: 41 minuten geleden With a silent journey and a meeting that could be attended by the public for the first time after two corona years, Sunday is at the Mirror Monument ‘Never Again Auschwitz’ commemorated the Holocaust. This week marks the 78th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration […]

Mercedes-AMG says goodbye to V8 engine on C63 and E63 models

Mercedes-AMG C63 S and E63 S with V8 engine received farewell versions. They are much more expensive than standard models and are only available in Australia. Mercedes-Benz has unveiled farewell versions for its charged AMG C63 S and E63 S models of the past generation. These are the company’s latest charged sedan and coupe with […]

Many hundreds of activists still block the A12 in The Hague

ANP NOS News•today, 12:13 Many hundreds of climate activists have blocked the Utrechtsebaan on the A12 in The Hague. Thousands more activists are protesting above the road. The activist climate group Extinction Rebellion had called for people to come to The Hague to protest against government subsidies for fossil fuels such as oil, coal and […]

‘In addition to tanks, the Netherlands should consider supplying F-16s to Ukraine’

ANP There is political support both inside and outside the coalition for supplying Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. The Netherlands should also consider supplying F-16 fighter jets if Ukraine requests it. That is what MPs Ruben Brekelmans (VVD) and Tom van der Lee (GroenLinks) say on Wednesday News hour. “Ukraine has been seeking rapprochement with […]

NVWA removes 435 dogs from Brabant breeder in two days | Interior

26 jan 2023 om 00:33Update: een uur geleden The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) removed a total of 435 dogs from a breeding farm in Eersel in Brabant on Tuesday and Wednesday. The breeder had already been discredited because the animals were not properly cared for. The breeder had been instructed to […]

Union announces new strikes by regional train staff | Economy

Employees of regional trains will soon go on strike again for better working conditions in the smaller collective labor agreement for regional transport. The VVMC union reports this on Tuesday evening. It is not yet known when the new strikes will take place. The union has recently held talks with employers about a better collective […]

Suspect shooting Zwijndrecht suspected of murder and attempted murder | Interior

The 49-year-old suspect of the shooting in Zwijndrecht is officially suspected of murder and attempted murder, the police announced on Tuesday in the television program Discovery Requested. The police are offering a reward of 30,000 euros for information leading to the still fugitive Minh Nghia Vuong. Nghia Vuong is suspected of shooting a 66-year-old woman […]