Wisconsin riot: murder charges after fatal shots

A 17-year-old is said to have shot two people during the protests against police violence in Kenosha. The prosecution charges him with murder. His lawyer speaks of self-defense. The 17-year-old suspect has been charged after killing two people and injuring another in anti-police violence protests in the US city of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kyle R. is […]

Republican Convention: Wisconsin overshadows US election campaign

Mike Pence was nominated again for the US Vice Presidency that night. In his speech at the Republican party congress, he stages Trump as a man who keeps his word. By Torsten Teichmann, ARD Studio Washington Vice President Pence delivers his address at Fort McHenry, Baltimore. The fortress had withstood the British bombing in 1814. […]

Clashes in Wisconsin: protests, two dead – and many questions

After the fatal clashes during protests against police violence in Kenosha, it is unclear who fired the shots and who the victims are. US President Trump wants to send the National Guard. By Claudia Sarre, ARD Studio Washington Two people dead, one with gunshot wounds in the hospital: after initially peaceful demonstrations, the protests against […]

Shortly before the US election: Trump adviser Conway resigns

She coined the term “alternative facts” and led Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016. Now the former campaign manager and advisor Kellyanne Conway is surprisingly resigning. The advisor and former campaign manager to US President Donald Trump has resigned for private reasons. At the end of the month, she will be leaving the White […]

Sweden’s special route: the high price of the low economic slump

Sweden’s economy has weathered the corona pandemic better than almost all other European countries. But is that good news? The country may pay a high price for it. By Elena Kuch, Steven Galling and Jan Lukas Strozyk, NDR Sweden reacted differently to the corona virus from the beginning than most other European countries. When schools […]

Mainz – Environment: Laubenheim model project

Blue ribbon model project renaturation Laubenheimer RheinuferImage rights: WSA free Mainz – Environment: The completion work on the Laubenheimer Aue, which had been interrupted by vandalism, was resumed this week. As a result of the severe damage from an oil trail and from driving heavy equipment on, the compaction of the soil that has been […]

Attack on the mayor: anti-Semitic attack in Graz

The chairman of the Jewish community in Graz was probably attacked with a baseball bat. The protection of all Jewish institutions was strengthened – because it was already the third incident this week. The chairman of the Jewish community in the Austrian city of Graz, Elie Rosen, was attacked by a man on Saturday. The […]

Bad weather forecast for California: Fires out of control in many places

In Northern California, massive forest fires continue to rage despite 14,000 firefighters. The weather forecasts are unfavorable. The firefighters prepare for stormy weather with lightning. Almost a quarter of a million people had to leave their homes. By Marcus Schuler, ARD Studio Los Angeles There are few places in the world where the air quality […]

Corona crisis: Heil plans short-time allowance until March 2022

The grand coalition is considering increasing the short-time allowance until 2022. According to a media report, Labor Minister Heil has already drawn up a concept for the coalition committee. By Kai Küstner, ARD capital studio It has long been no secret that the SPD’s Federal Labor Minister is campaigning for an extension of short-time working. […]

Plastic in the oceans: garbage chutes don’t save the oceans

Hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic endanger the fauna and flora in the oceans. Floating garbage catchers are supposed to fish the waste. Bremen researchers published a study on this. The results are sobering. According to a scientific study, floating barriers that collect plastic can only make a small contribution to cleaning the oceans. […]