Need 12 Million Doses of Vaccine, Lampung Just Received 1 Million

Lampung, CNN Indonesia – Province Lampung just received 1 million doses vaccine corona virusCovid-19) from the central government of the total requirement of 13,290,452 doses. The target of vaccination in Lampung is 6,645,226 people. “The vaccine received in Lampung Province is only about 1 million doses of vaccine, while the need for vaccines reaches 13,290,452 […]

Disappearing Position of Candipuro Police Head After the Police Burned by Residents

Bandar Lampung – Candipuro Police Chief, AKP Ahmad Hazuan transferred by the Lampung Police Chief. The removal of AKP Ahmad was the result of the arson Candipuro Police because residents were disappointed with the police service. Residents feel that crime is increasingly happening in the Lampung area. Starting from murder to robbery. There are many […]

This is Tampang Anak who is beheaded and his father’s head is drunk around the village

Jakarta – K (25), resident of Central Lampung, Lampung allegedly beheaded and paraded his father’s head around the village. K’s legal status is still awaiting the results of his observations at the Mental Hospital (RSJ) in Lampung Province. “Our current status is waiting for observation from the RSJ,” said Head of Central Lampung Police, AKBP […]

Lampung Online Taxi Driver Shot, POM AD Checks TKP

Bandarlampung, CNN Indonesia – Driver online taxi Kurnalist Asmarantaka (51) was shot in the neck in front of the Rajabasa BPJS Health Office, Bandarlampung City, Lampung, Saturday (20/3) morning .. The resident of Langkapura Village, Kemiling District, Bandarlampung immediately received intensive care at the South Lampung Natar Medika Hospital (RSNM). It is not yet known […]