Resistance Mounts Against Proposed Toll on State and Local Roads in Baden-Württemberg

Resistance Mounts Against Proposed Toll on State and Local Roads in Baden-Württemberg

The Baden-Württemberg State Ministry of Transport confirms: Preparations are underway for a toll on state and local roads. Resistance to this is forming from the economy in the southwest. 20.10.2023 Matthias Rathmann Baden-Württemberg wants to charge fleet operators an entry fee in the future. The local Ministry of Transport has confirmed to the trade magazine … Read more

Lawyer argues COVID-19 data and questions vaccination safety in legal case

According to the lawyer, he has a data volume of 1.8 gigabits on his computer, which deals solely with SARS-CoV-2, with tests, vaccinations and everything that goes with it. Siemund presented part of it in room 233; backed up with »scientific knowledge« from all over the world. A PCR test is said to be “completely … Read more

Soldier Sentenced for Drunk Driving: A Lesson to Learn

At a boozy club anniversary celebration in October 2022, the man said he drank five beers and as many schnapps, then got in the car to rest. When he woke up around 3:30 a.m., he felt “not so bad” and drove off from the market. He didn’t get any further than the junction to Oberau. … Read more

Salzburg: Toll-free also to Salzburg-Süd

At the most recent EuRegio summit, the mayors of Salzburg, the Berchtesgadener Land and Traunstein passed a resolution calling for toll exemption from the Walserberg to the south of Salzburg. The reason: “For the relief of the state capital Salzburg as Austria’s largest border city and central hub of the EuRegio area, but also for … Read more

Fewer blood donors: is there reason for skepticism about the new acceptance teams in Salzburg?

Berchtesgaden – Overall, significantly fewer blood have come to donate in recent months than before the coronal blockade. In 2022, Andreas Seidler and his team of volunteers from the BRK Berchtesgaden Preparation Team recorded a total of 1111 canned goods won, 113 first-time donors and 1205 donors who appeared in the inner district, some of … Read more

Spontaneous start and a superior victory

In the meantime, however, things are going well again with the Fridolfingerin – and how! She spontaneously registered for the Linz Triathlon and won the race over the middle distance (1.9 km swimming, 84 km cycling and 21 km running) in a strong 4:24 hours. “That was the test of whether my leg would hold … Read more

What’s the name of Wally’s little sister? – “Anzeiger” readers can suggest names for a vulture girl

What’s the name of Wally’s little sister? – “Anzeiger” readers can suggest names for a vulture girl Show captionThe vulture girls have grown a lot since they were born in Andalusia. Shortly before they are released into the wild on June 9th, suitable names are now being sought. The readers of the “Anzeiger” can submit … Read more

Berchtesgaden: Bavaria has left the national park

“In the past few weeks we have had to answer joking questions from vulture fans more and more often as to whether we would feed Wally and Bavaria too well,” reports Toni Wegscheider with a smile. The fact that both vultures stayed for more than three months in the wider area of ​​the reintroduction niche … Read more

A dream comes true: Cindy Friebel buys a Hawaii ticket

She did it – and set off real fireworks! Cindy Friebel from RSC Götzing bought the ticket for the legendary long distance World Cup in Hawaii at the Ironman Klagenfurt – and thus fulfilled a great dream. She finished the race of 3.8 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers of cycling and 42 kilometers of running … Read more

Blood is urgently needed – new dates for blood donors in Berchtesgaden

Andreas Seidler and his volunteer team from the BRK readiness in Berchtesgaden, who look after the visitors in a tried and tested manner, are hoping for a large number of donors again, as they did in previous blood donation campaigns. “First-time donors are of course always welcome and particularly important,” says Seidler. “Bring your blood … Read more