KRL tariffs want to increase to Rp 5,000, Anker screams

Jakarta – KRL fare Commuter Line will increase from IDR 3,000 to IDR 5,000 for the first 25 kilometers (km). The proposal is being discussed by the Directorate General of Railways at the Ministry of Transportation. “Well, from the results of the survey, there is still a discussion stage. We will propose a tariff adjustment […]

#1 – Star Wars Videospiele by Triple Zero

Hello there! There is a small, committed team behind Triple Zero. We are nerds, film fans, gamers, etc. But above all, we are one thing – passionate Star Wars fans. The aim of our daily work is to make your required Star Wars dose that little bit hotter. We do everything for this – be […]

“Salinger for the Snapchat Generation” by Gone with the book • A podcast on Anchor

Sally Rooney is an Irish author, born in 1991, who debuted as a novelist in 2017 with the book “Conversations with Friends.” He returns in 2018 with “Normal People”, a novel that perfectly captures the existential crisis of millennials. A novel that touches deeply on relationships, sex, intimacy, growing up, adulthood and especially mental health. […]

Fire engulfs houses in Krastava, people desperately beg for help (video)

The fire engulfed houses in the village of Krastava. People, please come and help! The whole village is on fire. We have no water. These desperate cries are heard in a video posted on social groups. The village of Krastava is located, which is located 26 km west of Velingrad in the direction of Sarnitsa […]

Fifou, the artist entrepreneur behind hundreds of French rap covers

Hello doers! New episode online! An exchange with Fabrice Fournier aka Fifou, an artist entrepreneur! He tells us about his beginnings, his career, his first missions in rap, his first covers and collaboration. But also, how he supports artists in a 360-degree communication, his missions outside the RAP, his investments, his vision and his advice […]

Episode 11 – The Blizzard Situation

GlitchBait Podcast, where Imanol and Alex tell you the most relevant video game news of the week, we discuss, and we give our opinions about them. Recording date: May 1, 2021. In today’s episode: CD Projekt Red administrators earn very high bonuses Activision moves Toys for Bob to work on Call of Duty: Warzone Small […]

Anker presents its new ultra-compact rapid chargers

Since last year, Apple no longer provides a charger with its iPhones. If you plan to buy one, know that the manufacturer Anker (not to be confused with Aukey, kicked out of amazon recently) has unveiled the second generation of its gallium nitride (GaN) -based chargers, the Anker Nano II collection. Gallium nitride is a […]

Kaunas Football Club has hit its goal – launched a cruel homophobic hint | Sports

Inkaro Football Club posted a message on its Facebook page on Thursday that has nothing to do with football. “Proposal to Kaunas Mayor V. Matijošaitis,” it is written in the account of Kaunas club on Facebook. – FC Inkaras offers to give the mayor of Kaunas permission to organize 09.04 LGTB marches in Vilijampolė, Raudondvaris […]

Star wars by Star King • A podcast on Anchor

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