“Six Landmine Eating Methods of Health Products: Must Avoid!”

Life Center / Reported by Zhang Jianing Modern people’s health awareness is on the rise, and there are many health foods on the market for people to choose from, so many people will buy and eat them to supplement their nutrition. However, some nutritionists reminded the six landmine eating methods of health products, which must […]

“Uncle Wen Sheng Reveals Real Reason for Lin Weizhu’s Dismissal as Head Coach”

Sports Center / Reported by Lin Weifan ▲ “Uncle Wen Sheng” revealed in an interview that Lin Weizhu’s dismissal was the result of not being able to reach a consensus with the high-level “talking about a new contract”! (Picture/data photo) Please read on…. The CITIC Brothers have thrown a shock bomb a few days ago, […]

Meet Xiaoying: The Ambitious Mushi Girl Cheerleader Supporting Hsinchu Street Siege Lions

Reporter Liu Yanchi / Report from Taipei ▲Xiaoying, a Mushi girl, bumped into legislator Gao Jiayu. (Photo/Provided by Hsinchu Street Siege Lions Team) Please read on…. Weiquanlong cheerleader Xiaoying, who has the title of “Secondary Vocational Gao Jiayu” because of his resemblance to legislator Gao Jiayu, joined PLG’s Hsinchu Street Siege Lions cheerleading team Mushi […]

“Wang Shaowei and Xu Lanfang’s Rumored Affair Caught on Camera”

Entertainment Center / Comprehensive Report ▲Xu Lanfang and Wang Shaowei have been rumored for more than 2 years. (Picture/Data Room) Please read on…. The 39-year-old “most beautiful doctor of sexology” Xu Lanfang and the 46-year-old Wang Shaowei have been rumored to have an affair for more than 2 years. Now Wang Shaowei was photographed driving […]

Sui Tang Calls for Justice: Pinhole Camera Scandal in Classy Family Drama

Reporter Lin Mingrou / Comprehensive report ▲ Sui Tang called the police to catch the person who took the sneak shot. Please read on…. newest classy family Gong DoualbumAfter the premiere of “Dear Bad Guy” last Friday on Sanli Metropolis Channel, the ratings were very popular. In the first and second episodes, the “Twin Goddess” […]