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Study: Covid-19 Pandemic Babies May Have Potentially Slow Growth

PEOPLE’S MIND – Research published by the journal JAMA Pediatrics on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, reveals baby who was born in the era pandemic Covid-19 may experience delays in skill development motor and social, compared to those born earlier.

The study also stated that the stress experienced by mothers pregnant contribute to developmental delay motor and social on baby.

The research was conducted on 255 baby born from March to December 2020 in New York City, USA.

In some areas, baby has a slightly lower average score than baby who was born before pandemic Covid-19, regardless of whether their mother contracted Corona during pregnancy.

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The study used a standard evaluation tool given to parents, known as the “Ages and Stages Questionnaire”.

Researchers from Columbia University Irving Medical Center analyzed aspects of development baby at the age of six months.

Including their ability to roll over on their stomach and how often they babble.

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