Strong winds have not caused significant damage to the electricity grid

The strong wind, which reached a force of 23 m / s in gusts on Thursday, but even 28 m / s in coastal areas, has not caused much damage to the electricity network, reports JSC “Sadales tīkls”. Throughout the day, power supply disturbances due to wind were registered and possibly promptly eliminated in Riga, Pieriga counties, as well as Lubāna, Kuldīga, Jelgava and Bauska counties. During strong winds, JSC “Sadales tīkls” electricians have repaired a total of about 250 medium voltage and low voltage electrical networks.

The power outages were mainly caused by trees and their branches dug in the overhead power lines, which resulted in the overhead power lines being broken and the supports damaged.

“Throughout the day, we followed the situation in the electricity supply, immediately starting to localize the registered faults, in order to restore the electricity supply to customers as soon as possible. At the same time, the largest number of power supply interruptions was registered around noon in Pieriga, when a few thousand people were left without electricity. Thanks to the previous training, the disturbances were rectified promptly. Today, we continue to receive information from customers about the damage caused by the storm, and work on preventing it continues, ”said Sandis Jansons, Executive Director of Sadales tīkls.

Also on Friday, the brigades are working to prevent certain damages, so “Sadales tīkls” reminds that you should not approach the power lines if there are trees or branches hanging in them, or a broken power line is visible on the ground – it can be life-threatening. If you see such a dangerous situation, you must immediately inform “Sadales tīkls” by calling the 24-hour free damage reporting number 8404, or the State Fire and Rescue Service by calling 112!


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