Dr. Hasardjiev: The real Covid epidemic is now occurring in Bulgaria

Dr. Stanimir Hasardjiev

“No lesson has been learned from the Covid waves so far.” This opinion was expressed to BNR Dr. Stanimir Hasardjiev, Chairman of the National Patient Organization.

According to him, the situation is underestimated and the authorities have been inactive during the 2 years of the Covid pandemic:

“The necessary measures and actions have not been taken to prevent this national catastrophe.”

According to him, the real Covid epidemic is now occurring in Bulgaria:

“We are currently in a much worse situation than at the beginning of the crisis, because the country’s economic reserves have been depleted. This is the reason why the state does not declare a full lockdown because it cannot afford it – for two years it collects much less taxes because there is no business. The state is again indebted to the Bulgarian citizens “.

Dr. Hasardjiev believes that the reasons for the division of society are due to an ignorant targeted misinformed campaign by the Bulgarian institutions.

He pointed out that no one is seeking the opinion of patient organizations to hear what they think about the situation.

“The system is helpless and has failed to explain to people and increase their confidence in vaccines. There is no precedent described in the world scientific literature in which such a huge period of people can be vaccinated in such a short period of time. This has not been explained. “… When the government is powerless, restrictive measures are applied, which are even more incomprehensible to the people,” said the chairman of the National Patients’ Organization.

According to him, a decision must be made immediately by the health authorities to remove all activities from the hospitals that can be carried out in the patient’s home.



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