Star Street ended up in the hospital. The representative Lumír was taken from the D1 by an ambulance

Actor Václav Svoboda experienced difficult moments on Sunday on the D1 motorway. On the way to Prague, the representatives of Lumír Nykl from the endless series Ulice got sick and rescuers had to hurry for him. They took him to the emergency reception in Pelhřimov.

Václav Svoboda has had an unpleasant experience, and on Sunday he became burdened with filming on the way from Brno to Prague. The actor, who plays Lumír Nykl in the street Ulice for 16 years, did not do without the help of doctors. Rescuers took him straight from the D1 motorway straight to the emergency reception at the nearby Pelhřimov hospital.

“Today I felt sick on the highway to Prague, so she took me quickly to the hospital in Pelhřimov,” admitted on Facebook a native of Děčín who has lived in Brno for years. He had to undergo a number of preventive examinations.

Fortunately, it was nothing serious and the star of the legendary series is already at home. There are absolutely great staff on the emergency room who put me together. Thank you very much,” added Svoboda, stating that he unfortunately had to cancel the filming. In the photo from the bed, he posed with a smile and in the arms of the nurses.

Svoboda first frightened his fans with a picture from the hospital. But when they read that everything turned out well, they started joking. “Looking at the snuggling nurses, I suspect that I won’t feel sick near Pelhřimov, either.” Zdeněk wrote in exaggeration.



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