Spanish police arrest leaders of Dutch-Belgian drug gangs in Marbella

Civil Guard

Information from the NOSright now, 20:15

The Spanish law enforcement arrested the two leaders of a Dutch-Belgian drug gang in Marbella. A single is a Dutchman, the other a Belgian. The two headed an group that smuggled cocaine from Brazil to Antwerp and Rotterdam. The cocaine was hidden in the containers.

Arrests were being also created in the Netherlands and Belgium. In total, 9 people today have been arrested. The identity of the suspects has not been launched.

Pictures of the raid on a single of the villas:

The arrests are the outcome of a joint investigation that the Dutch and Belgian police introduced in 2020. In May perhaps of that year, 556 kilos of cocaine were being seized in Brazil, a several months later in Rotterdam two batches of all over 1000 kilos alongside one another. and in January 2021 a 2300 kilos batch in Antwerp. The deliveries were being supposed for a Belgian organization and two Dutch corporations.

‘Never seen’

The investigation unveiled that the two shoppers resided on the Costa del Sol. Initially, Spanish police tracked a person down. That consumer continued to transfer to a various place, but was inevitably tracked down to a villa in Marbella.

Then the next customer came on the scene. This particular person also lived in a villa in Marbella. “The two homes are found in the a lot more pricey areas of Marbella. As the police, we raid residences every single week, but I in no way really saw them. One property had offices, three saunas and a padel courtroom.”

The other 7 suspects had been subsequently recognized and arrested. In addition to 2,800 kilos of cocaine, high priced automobiles and electronic knowledge carriers ended up seized for the duration of the queries.

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